Top 10 Best Digital Multitrack Recorders in 2022 – Buying Guide

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The invention of digital multitrack recorders has been a revolution that contributes a lot to society nowadays. There are many great advantages that digital multitrack recorders have contributed ranging from recording sounds per se, making music, or even mastering audio files.

Especially for anyone that is in music, ASMR, or sound production industries, having a high quality digital multitrack recorder is definitely the most productive and excellent tool. For anyone who is looking to get the best digital multitrack recorder for your own use, below are the top 10 best digital multitrack recorders that we’ve taken from the most highly rated ones from real users’ reviews. Keep reading to find out what those brands and leading models are.

List of the Best Digital Multitrack Recorders

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10. H4N Digital Multitrack Recorder by Zoom

10. H4N Digital Multitrack Recorder by Zoom
  Get it now on As the first one in the list, here we have a digital multitrack recorder from Zoom H4N. Just for background information, Zoom has been known as the expert for digital multitrack recorders since its creation in 1983.

Until presence, Zoom is still a leading digital multitrack recorder developer that produces a lot of top-rated digital multitrack recorder.

For this Zoom H4N in particular, it has a Four-Channel recording that can records up to 24-bit and 96kHz. H4N has incorporated a stereo X/Y microphone that allows it to record the sound very smoothly.

Moreover, there are also 2 XLR/TRS inputs that come along with locking connectors, so once it records the sounds, it will transfer and store directly in SD or SDHC.

Besides, this digital multitrack recorder also has the 4-in/2-out USB audio interface that can give more dynamic to your recording. H4N is powered by USB 2.0 high speed.

Moreover, it is also compatible with operating systems like Window Vista and Mac OS 10.6 and more advanced, too.

9. DR-40 Portable Digital Audio Recorder by Tascam

9. DR-40 Portable Digital Audio Recorder by Tascam
  Get it now on Following the previous product from Zoom, here at the top 9, we have another best quality digital multitrack recorder from Tascam. Now again, for Tascam, if anyone of you out there is not aware, it is one of the other leading brands for the digital multitrack recorder.

Not to say that it is a direct competitor of Zoom, but you will see how Tascam has a lot of its products to offer on this list.

Now moving to Tascam DR-40 model in specific, it is the 4-track recording tool that has the functional built-in microphone and mic inside the tool; which makes it very comfortable and simple to use.

Moreover, this DR-40 recorder has dual recording captures which is a great function that can record your track safely without having any distorted takes. The track can go up to 24-bit resolution which is an industry-standard while its frequency can go as high from 44.1kHz – 48kHz.

On top of that, with this recorder, you can switch the microphone from X-Y to a-b; depending on your use and preference. It’s also compatible with most operating systems, including OS, Windows 7, XP, and Vista.

8. Spire Studio: Portable, Professional Quality Recording by iZotope

8. Spire Studio: Portable, Professional Quality Recording by iZotope
  Get it now on Here at the top 8th, we have a uniquely designed digital multitrack recorder that belongs to iZotope. What’s great about this is that it requires no set up at all. The operation of it is quite simple that all you have to do is to use Spire App where you can select mode like a record, edit, mix or even share the track to your device.

The track recorded in iZotope will have the studio-quality because of the built-in professional microphone that is known for its sound processing technology.

What’s also good about this is that it’s super portable, so you can easily bring it with you everywhere. iZotope digital multitrack recorder’s Spire App is compatible with any iOS and Android phone, so pretty much that means everyone can use it.

7. F1-LP – Digital Multitrack Recorder by Zoom

7. F1-LP - Digital Multitrack Recorder by Zoom
  Get it now on Here at the top 7th best digital multitrack recorder which is from Zoom again. This model F1-LP, in particular, is the type of two-channel audio recorder that can record up to 24-bit solutions with a frequency of 96 kHz. Zoom F1-LP is powered by AAA batteries so it’s always easy and portable that you can take it anywhere; even to where there’s no electricity.

Moreover, this recorder is also equipped with a lavalier microphone and a big screen where you can see the status of the operation and more. All you need to do to control this digital multitrack recorder is by using the One-touch button and it will start working amazingly. Any records will also safely save in micro SD and SDHC that can store up to 32GB.

6. L-12 LiveTrak byZoom

6. L-12 LiveTrak byZoom
  Get it now on What we have here at the top 6th best digital multitrack recorder is Zoom L-12. Now, this Zoom model is a lot more different from the typical digital multitrack recorders that you have seen in the list because the L-12 model is designed specifically for professional use.

Having up to 12 discrete channels with XLR (1/4-inch connectivity), Zoom L-12 is super functional as a multitrack recorder that can actually record many tracks simultaneously. It’s also available for 12-track playback.

On top of this, this recorder also has 5 powered headphone outputs where each is super high quality and customizable, so you can choose to use anyone you prefer. In terms of interface connectivity, Zoom L-12 can perform 14-in/4out USB audio.

Last but definitely not least, this recorder can even save up to 9 scenes at a time; making all the important track safely saved and never goes lost.

5. DP-006 6-Track Digital Pocket Studio by Tascam

5. DP-006 6-Track Digital Pocket Studio by Tascam
  Get it now on On the top 5th, we have another premium-quality digital multitrack recorder from Tascam DP-006 which is one of the most purchased products for the type. It has the 2 frontloaded omnidirectional condenser microphones that are used to ensure sound quality.

The track can be recorded up to 16-bit resolution and 44.1 kHz. Moreover, there are also analog functionality and control knobs for easy placement. Besides, it can also record two mono tracks respectively while giving up 6 tracks of playback.

With Tascam, it’s small, portable, and easy to bring along, so not only it is very handy, but also it’s comfortable to own one, too.

4. H1N Handy Recorder by Zoom

4. H1N Handy Recorder by Zoom
  Get it now on Another high performing digital multitrack recorder is from Zoom H1N. For this model, in particular, it has the matte-finished on the body along with the latest design that comes with a mic protective enclosure.

Moreover, it also has microphones in 90-degree X/Y format which can record track simultaneously.

Besides, Zoom H1N is run easily by the One-touch button. Its battery life is super amazing, too because one full charge can last up to 10 hr continuously. Aside from that, there are also a few functional menus on the recorder that you can easily choose to operate.

This digital multitrack recorder also has a useful feature such as the playback speed control, overdubbing feature, and voice emphasize filter, so with Zoom H1N, you have everything in it.

3. R8 Multitrack SD Recorder Controller by Zoom

3. R8 Multitrack SD Recorder Controller by Zoom
  Get it now on At the top 3rd best digital multitrack recorder, what we have that most people have reviewed for is from Zoom. Being another member of Zoom, this Zoom R-8 has a lot to offers; just as its sister products.

When’s great about Zoom R-8 is that it is a special and professional digital recorder that possesses up to 16 tracks playback while the other 8-track can be simultaneously recorded using SD card.

Its resolution can go up to 16 to 24-bit while the frequency can be as high as 44.1 kHz. Similar to other products, this R-8 also has a built-in microphone that can record the track in studio quality.

Last but not least, it can store the file massively with its 1GB SD and extra 32GB SDHC, too.

2. DP-03SD – Digital Portastudio Multi-Track Audio Recorder by Tascam

2. DP-03SD - Digital Portastudio Multi-Track Audio Recorder by Tascam
  Get it now on Coming closer to the top, here we have the top 2nd best digital multitrack that belongs to Tascam DP-03SD. As professional as it looks, Tascam DP-03SD is known for its PORTASTUDIO system that refers to the fact that this Tascam recorder is super functional and affordable at the same time. Moreover, it is built for simplicity because it is not complicated to use at all.

Moreover, it also has the condenser microphones and keyboard that allows a smooth connection with guitars. Besides, Tascam DP-03SD also features the professional mastering effects and editing; hence, you can pretty much make anything with this. To add on, there is also a tuner and metronome that you can use to tighten or play with the track to create your perfect works. With these reasons, it’s no doubt that Tascam DP-03SD is rated this high.

1. DP-006 – Digital Pocketstudio Multi-Track Audio Recorder by Tascam

1. DP-006 - Digital Pocketstudio Multi-Track Audio Recorder by Tascam
  Get it now on Finally, up to for the last one which is also the best digital multitrack recorder in 2022 and it again belongs to Tascam. Now, this is another Tascam DP-006 which is the type of professional and multi-function digital multitrack recorder. It is super affordable compares to many products of its brand and others.

What is more, Tascam-DP006 has up to 6-track recording; all divided into the mono track, and stereo switchable tracks. For the track that it records, the resolution is widely accepted as it can go up to 16-bit and 44.1 kHz frequency. Besides, this recorder also owns 2 high-quality omnidirectional condenser mics that perform very outstandingly; especially in terms of recording and generating a clear voice.

What Tascam DP-006 is famous for is it’s called a “Pocketstudio” because it’s super portable, so it is like you have a real studio following you anytime. No matter if you want to compare functionality or affordability, Tascam has them all and it absolutely explains why Tascam DP-006 is the best digital multitrack recorder in 2022.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Digital Multitrack Recorders

To purchase a good quality digital multitrack recorder, you need a follow a few buying guides.

This tool can range from affordable to super expensive base on the functionality and quality of the products.

You need to identify the scope of how do you want your recorder to covers or what features do you need.

Once you have it, you can easily go out and get the perfect matching in terms of the features you need and the price you are comfortable paying.

What you should note when choosing the digital multitrack recorder is about its specific ability; let’s say in terms of track resolution quality and so on.

This will allow you to choose better of which brand/product is the best for your case. Also, you should also seek support from the customer service team if you are not familiar with the product’s knowledge, so they can pretty much help guide you through the purchasing process.

Therefore, you will have the best digital multitrack recording that is worth every single penny you spend.

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