Top 10 Best Digital Levels in 2022

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Previously, the bubble-based level was used by technicians to ensure that the object is at a proper balance. However, such a level can turn out to be inaccurate and that is why the digital levels got an entry in the market. They are improved and far more accurate than bubble-based levels and the result is highly reliable. ‘

There are different sizes and shapes of digital levels available and apart from the technicians, you can have one at home for various purposes and applications. Check out the top 10 best digital levels in 2022 below.

The Best Digital Levels to Buy in 2022

10. Taytools Digital Level

Taytools Digital Levels

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This inclinometer comes with a blue backlit display. So, you can easily measure the angle between surfaces, even in the dark. Moreover, this 16-inch digital level comes with an accuracy rate of +/-0.2-degree.

Therefore, you can measure precisely at any angle. The magnetic base of the tool attaches to most of the metallic surfaces. The machine also comes with a working temperature range of 14 to 122-degree. Furthermore, the large LCD screen of the device comes with easy-to-read large digital digits. This lightweight digital level comes along with AAA batteries. The measuring and layout tool offers the perfect level and relative levels.

Reasons To Buy

  • Consists of AAA batteries.
  • Large display for easy reading.
  • A flexible working temperature range.

9. Bosch Digital Level


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This 24-inch digital level comes with a sturdy housing with waterproof protection. The heavy-duty housing also offers protects against dust and rust. Moreover, the easily readable large and angled LCD screen lets you read the measurements even in the dark.

Therefore, the display swivels automatically to perform difficult tasks. This protractor also comes along with a memory function. So, you can simply copy or transfer the target values to other work areas. Furthermore, the machine lets you measure and convert the angles into feet/inch, mm/m, and percent slope. The accuracy range of this unit falls between zero to 90-degree.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with auto orientation changing the display.
  • It comes with a smart memory function.
  • Retains up to 8 measurements.

8. RISEPRO Digital Angle Finder Level

RISEPRO Digital Levels

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This inclinometer works as a 3-in-1 dimensional measurement tool. So, the machine is perfect to use as an angle finder, digital level, and protractor. The digital gadget also allows you to only measure the angles of the horizontal plane. Moreover, you can have an accurate measurement of the angles between two measured surfaces. The tool also comes along with a large LCD screen with backlit function.

Therefore, you can effortlessly see the results even in the dark. Furthermore, the device can convert the angles into other units, like in/ft, percent slope, mm/m, and more. The V-grove magnetic base lets you attach the tool against any cylindrical or curve metal shaft and pipelines.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with angle-convertible functions.
  • Snaps on any metal surface.
  • Suitable for only measuring horizontal plane.

7. Digital Torpedo Level and Protractor by LEYUTUEE


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This digital level comes along with a V-groove base with neodymium magnets. So, you can easily mount this tool against the metallic surfaces, like a pipe, conduit, metal fabrication, and steel construction framing. Moreover, this protractor lets you check the relative angles between the surfaces.

Therefore, the unit is suitable for ADA ramps, rails, and roofs. The electronic inclinometer also offers bevel and angle readings in pitch inch/feet, degrees, millimeter/meter, and percent slope. Furthermore, the bright green backlit display of this unit helps you to accurately read the measurement even in the dark. The I-beam Aluminum frame makes this tool exceptionally durable and rust and dust-resistant.

Reasons To Buy

  • Neodymium magnets for easy installation.
  • Calculates angles between surfaces accurately.
  • It comes with a rustproof Aluminum frame.

6. SKIL Digital Level

Skil Digital Levels

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This 12-inch digital level with a higher-accuracy level delivers accurate angle measurement. The dual-measuring system of this unit also allows you to see the measurement simultaneously both in inch and centimeters. Moreover, the vials of the machine are highly visible. So, you can read the measurements of both vertical and horizontal levels.

With the help of a magnetic edge, the device also offers simple one-hand operation. Furthermore, the LCD screen with backlit with automatic orientation adjustment lets you read the measurements from different angles. The up and down arrow indicators of the unit offer real-time leveling guidance. The auto-triggered tone rings whenever you hit the zero, 45, and 90-degree angle.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with highly-visible vials.
  • Automatic angle detecting triggered tones.
  • Delivers measurements at vertical, horizontal levels.

5. Digital Torpedo Level and Protractor by LEYUTUEE


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This super-precision digital level comes with a higher accuracy rate. So, you can have the perfect bevel and angle reading in different measuring units. This protractor also delivers results in inch/feet, degrees, millimeter/meter, and percent slope.

Moreover, the device is suitable for ADA ramps, rails, and roofs. The memory function has enough space to store up to 8 angle measurements you measured lastly. The digital level also involves the construction of heavy-duty, water, and dust-resistant material. Furthermore, the machine comes along with an I-beam Aluminum frame. So, you can carry it to your workspaces with no difficulty. The neodymium magnets make the installation easier against any metallic surface.

Reasons To Buy

  • Supports magnetic mounting on a metallic surface.
  • Portable design for hassle-free transportability.
  • Saves calculations of 8 angle measurements.

4. Professional Digital Magnetic Level by Shefio

Shefio Digital Levels

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This digital level with a magnetic base efficiently finds précised angles for your job. The water, dust, and rustproof material construction also make this tool exceptionally durable. Moreover, the strong magnetic base of this device easily snaps with any metallic surface.

Therefore, the electronic level tool comes along with an LCD screen with a backlit display. The device also measures and displays angle measurements in degree, percent slope, metric, and inch or feet. Furthermore, the memory function of this tool saves automatically up to the last 8 angle measurements. So, the low-battery indicator lets you know about the time to change old batteries.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a low battery indicator.
  • It comes with a robust magnetic base.
  • Delivers results in different measuring units.

3. Digital Level Protractor by FOLAI


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This inclinometer comes along with an inbuilt magnetic base. Therefore, you can easily mount this against any metal surface without causing any damage. This digital level protractor also comes with a smart memory function. Therefore, this machine retains measuring data even after turning off the machine. Moreover, the LCD screen has a contrast effect to display accurate results even in the dark.

The angle finder also measures the angles in professional-style with an accuracy up to 0.1-degree. Furthermore, the digital goniometer offers precise and perfect shock absorber reading. The machine is very energy-efficient. Therefore, the machine turns off automatically after the 3-minutes of inactivation.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with an automatic turn-off function.
  • Delivers accurate shock absorber reading.
  • Works on low power mode.

2. Calculated Industries Magnetic Digital Level

Calculated Industries Digital Levels

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This digital angle finder is very much versatile. So, you can use this level box as a digital level for carpentry and a bevel gauge. This tool also comes along with a magnetic base. Therefore, you can easily mount this unit against the band saw, table saw and miter saw blades.

Moreover, the digital level comes along with AA batteries to extend the lifespan of the tool.
You can also use this compact device to the fields of welding, automotive tire alignment, and fabrication. Furthermore, the tool is usable on tables, fences, and different metallic surfaces. The inclinometer is resistant to water, dust, and rust. So, you can use this in the woodshop, backyard shed, and garage.

Reasons To Buy

  • Suitable for different fields.
  • Easily mounts on any magnetic base.
  • Ideal gadget for garage, woodshop.

1. Homder Digital Gauge Level


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This digital angle gauge level box comes with a measuring range of zero to 360-degree. With the help of automatic power-off function, this machine is also an energy-efficient gadget. Moreover, the unit displays accurate results with the help of an ungraded LCD screen. The digital level box comes along with a V-groove magnetic design.

So, you can install it against any curve metallic pipe. This versatile measuring tool is also suitable for timber processing, machine making, instrument detection, and the medical industry. Therefore, you can use this level box for measuring perfect angles for home decoration, car repair, and more. Furthermore, the automatically reversing display lets you mount the box at any place.

Reasons To Buy

  • Consists of V-groove magnetic design.
  • Includes automatic shut-off function.
  • The leveler works in low power.

Buying Guide Choosing on Digital Levels

Check out the main points listed below while you buy a digital level.

  • Display

Choosing a digital level with simple function and a large display is the correct decision. Therefore, the protractor helps you to read the measurement with precision. A screen with backlit LED light lets you read the measurement even in the dark. Unlike the conventional models, the new-age digital levels offer enough visibility while finding the proper angles.

  • Accurateness

With digital reading process and measurement capabilities, these tools offer highly précised measurements. Unlike the manual angle finders, these protractors deliver accurate results. So, you can manage, supervise, and do your housework projects with ultimate accuracy.

  • Cut Calculator

The additional features, like cut calculators, work effectively to ensure that each cut piece comes with equal precision. So, you can work with exact measurement and precision. For instance, you cut a piece that is off by an inch. This measurement will be a failure and waste of both time and effort. Therefore, the cut calculator function ideally reduces your guesswork and helps you to reduce your unnecessary efforts.

  • Battery Life & Memory Storage

For ultimate safety and durability, a machine with an automatic turn-off function is always the best choice. Most of the present day’s digital levels come with this particular function. However, this shut-off function automatically saves the excessive draining of the batteries.

This way, the function can extend the lifespan of the batteries. A good protractor should come with memory function. This typical function lets you save some of the last measured angles for your convenience. So, the users do not have to repeat to the measuring of the same angles.

  • Additional Features

Many models include different extra features. For instance, the machines with locking highlight let you lock the arms of the machines. Therefore, the function reduces the troublesome activities of the bolt-free arms. You do not have to repeatedly set the arms for measuring the angles.


The digital level helps to accurately find out the exact balance. There are many factors to keep in mind while you buy a digital level online. We have considered all such points and listed down the best digital levels for you. Along with that, we have provided you with the buying guide so that you can understand all the parameters well enough before you can choose one to buy.

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