Top 10 Best Desk Lamps in 2022 Reviews

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Working on desk is now common and people may need to work on their desk during late night. While working on your desk, the efficiency of your work may not be at the fullest due to the insufficient light output. Therefore, there are desk lamps available on the market to present a comfortable working environment while working at night. With lots of desk lamp models available currently, it may be difficult to choose a decent quality desk lamp. They come in different sizes, shapes, design, illumination power, power consumption and many more. These are the essential aspects to keep in mind while choosing the best quality desk lamp.

With so many functions, it is difficult to discern out which activities they are designed for. Not just for office work, but you can accomplish casual reading, newspaper reading, writing and many more. It is certain that while working under desk lamps, your eyes will be protected against the harmful glare. In addition, the best thing about these desk lamps is they boost your work productivity.

Our List of Top 10 Best Desk Lamps in 2022 Review on Amazon:

10. MEIKEE Aluminum Dimmable LED Desk Lamp


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The aluminum alloy made LED desk lamp is exceptionally prepared from the superior quality aluminum alloy. Consequently, there will be better heat dissipation at the output. Also, the LED lifespan will last longer. The overall design is sturdy and modern to perfectly fit any decorations. Moreover, there is the facility of smartphone charging and a special auto-off timer is included inside.


  • In this MEIKEE desk lamp, there are 40 customizable illumination possible. This bright desk lamp showcases 5 color modes along with 8 unique brightness levels.
  • It comes with a touch-sensitive control and memory function. The operation is made easy by gently touching the buttons available on the panel.

9. TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp


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Recognized as a 2-in-1 desk lamp, you can let it stand on its own or using an adjustable C-clamp. It will be easy to clamp this desk lamp on any surface. Due to its versatility, you can use this TORCHSTAR desk lamp for school, office, bedroom and dorm room. In addition, the entire design is made user-friendly by its slim shape and 51-inch power cable. So, it can be placed anywhere and it would not occupy much space around.


  • The sufficient illumination and movement is possible by the included flexible spring-balanced adjusted arm.
  • Due to the included stand, it will firmly stand on the surface of your desk.
  • The lamp shade is prepared from the solid metal with a beautiful black finish.

8. LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamps

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamps

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The metal desk lamp mentioned above is made simple and lightweight. So, it works perfectly for office, college and home use. Additionally, this lamp is being integrated with the superior quality metal lampshade and base. Last but not least, long-lasting use is facilitated by its durable structure.


  • The on/off switch is positioned on the base for quick and simple use.
  • With the assistance of E26 sized screw base, this desk bulb can be installed according to your need.
  • It supports adjustable angle with its flexible swing arm to let you find the perfect lighting angle.

7. Fugetek LED Desk Office Lamp

Fugetek LED Desk Office Lamp

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The Fugetek LED office lamp is excellent to meet the standard lighting needs. It is possible to attain more light output from this desk lamp. Actually, there are 5 different levels of brightness; they range from mild to bright. Also, there is a touch sensitive dimmer included. This desk lamp works outstandingly where space is a concern. It comes with the special ability to fold and stow away safely. As a result, you may use it as a nightstand if needed.


  • It comes with simple and clean touch panel.
  • With the included auto-off timer, it can be turned off automatically with 1 hour of operation.

6. COZOO LED Desk Lamps

COZOO LED Desk Lamps

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The sole specialty of this LED desk lamp is that it provides excellent light output compared to other desk lamps. It equips with 3 USB charging hub and 2 AC outlets. So, it will be quite simple to charge your devices whenever needed. In its construction, there are 2 AC power sockets included to make sure you need not bend over to find a charger.


  • With this COZOO desk lamp, you will be able to charge multiple devices like tablets, smartphones, headphones, etc.
  • It supports fast charging mechanism; the 0A output allows the power strip to charge 3 devices simultaneously at full speed.

5. Globe Electric 56963 Multi-Joint Desk Lamp

Globe Electric 56963 Swing Arm

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To remove the hassles during use, this multi-joint desk lamp has an on/off switch. This switch is positioned at the bottom for quick and convenient use. Moreover, the included spring loaded arm is easily adjustable to aptly direct the light wherever you require it the most.


  • This desk lamp supports variable mounting by its included metal clamp.
  • There is an extra-long cord of length 6 foot.

4. LED Desk Lamps with Touch Control Swing

 LED Desk Lamps

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Prepared in a beautiful design and stylish appearance, this functional LED desk lamp is versatile. Basically, it is a bedside lamp prepared from the brushed champagne gold material. Its overall structure resembles an artwork.


  • In this lamp, the heavy base is engineered to boost its steadiness during work.
  • It adopts the 360-degree gooseneck design allowing you to quickly adjust the angle and height as per the need.
  • This LED desk lamp supports 3 dimming levels and a color temperature of 6,500K. So, it works perfectly to meet all your ambient lighting needs.

3. LED Desk Lamps Fugetek FT-L798

Fugetek LED Table Desk Lamp

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The Fugetek FT-L798 lamp works excellently for reading, office work, studying, etc. There is a special support provided for multi brightness and mode lighting. Actually, this lamp unit comes with ample of lighting options to meet your different lighting needs.


  • There are 4 unique lighting modes and 5 different levels of brightness.
  • It comes with a touch sensitive dimmer.
  • The 530 lumens output makes sure your eyes will always stay protected even after extended use.
  • It allows you to charge smartphone while using light.

2. DP-1053 Touch Wireless Charging Desk Lamps

Wireless Charging Desk Lamps

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The wireless charging desk lamp is embodied with the full touch operation. You can easily switch the power supply by a simple touch. Also, it will be able to adjust the brightness based on your needs. Additionally, the overall operation is easy and responses are quick.


  • The DP-1053 desk lamp supports the 5 light modes namely night, reading, writing, computer and coffee.
  • At the output, the luminous flux is up to 900 lumens and the lamp has 45 led beads.
  • The maximum angle supported is up to 180 degrees; it can be conveniently adjusted as per the need.
  • It supports wireless charging mechanism.

1. OMERIL Book Light, USB Rechargeable Eye-Care Night Light

OMERIL Book Light

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The OMERIL book light lamp equips with 9 LEDs and 3 color temperature modes. Names of these modes are warm, natural and white.  Additionally, this book light lamp is capable to generate soft and natural light to protect your eyes.


  • This eye-care night lamp has stepless dimming feature & touch control.
  • The built-in rechargeable Lithium battery enables you to relish the cordless reading time.

Concluding Note:

For working on desk during night at home or office, these desk lamps are ideal. Their light output will not damage your eyes and they prove to be decorative pieces in your room.


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