Top 10 Best Commuter Electric Scooter in 2022 Reviews

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Commuting does not always have to be a tiring experience for those that prefer not to use the train or vehicles. There are many other modes of transport that you can use to get around and so you will never need to get stuck with your bike and other energy-draining modes of transport. One of these other amazing modes of commuting is using the electric scooter.

Electric scooters are similar to the regular scooters in appearance and only differ in the fact that they will include a motor which allows you to ride one without having to use your feet to generate momentum to push it forward.

Although they are generally more convenient than manual ones, you still need to get a good one to ensure you enjoy great service from it. And to help with your choice, check out our top 10 best commuter electric scooter reviews below.

Top 10 Best Commuter Electric Scooter Reviews:

01. Razor E300 Electric Kids Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Kids Scooter

  Get it now on If you want to get yourself a scooter that will excite people as you ride down the streets and provide breathtaking performance, then the Razor E300 is the perfect product for you. The deck can hold kids, adults, or teens which makes it perfect for all kinds of users. With its high torque, it also allows you to speed up to 15 miles per hour. And it has wide tires to give the rider a smoother ride.

It also has a 24-volt rechargeable battery with impressive run time and also does not take much time to recharge. Also, this electric scooter has a twist-grip control which allows you to operate with ease.

Conclusion: With a great overall performance, longer run time and faster recharge, this will be a great all-round electric scooter. Better yet, it includes wider tires that will ride smoothly in any terrain and delivers some decent riding speeds.


  • Great for riders of all sizes
  • Relatively higher top speed
  • Wide tires and deck
  • Faster battery recharging


  • Not the best uphill performer

02. TOMOLOO Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

TOMOLOO Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

  Get it now on This TOMOLOO hoverboard is available in a wide variety of colors, and its design includes dazzling LED lights that make it highly attractive. There are 5 lights that switch back and forth, and the other 4 colors on the tires also switch their colors randomly to create a pleasant color pattern.

It also has Bluetooth technology that allows you to play your favorite music while riding. This hoverboard can hold a weight of up to 200 pounds and is designed to ensure maximum users stability while riding, thanks to its self-balancing technology.
This scooter also has an application that allows you to give out commands from your Smartphone, like changing the colors of the LED lights.

Conclusion: A smart and high-performing scooter like this one by Tomoloo is designed to ensure your commutes will not only be easier but also fun and faster. And it will also carry more weight than many others in its price range.


  • Higher weight capacity
  • Awesome Bluetooth functions
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Allows for convenient app control


  • Relatively expensive

03. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

  Get it now on Scooters from Razor are some of the best-rated products in the market. This Razor E200 with a chain-driven motor offers great performances without distracting people who are around because it works quietly. The scooter allows you to reach a maximum of 12 miles per hour and will include a twist grip on the handles, which makes the operation easier.

With its 24V battery, you can ride for a long time on a single charge. And it is easy to assemble as it also comes with detailed instructions. It takes a few hours to recharge the scooter’s battery to full capacity.

Conclusion: Everything about this scooter from its price to overall construction is just amazing and it is the kind that you should expect to have around for a long time. Better yet, it is also easier to operate and will give you a quieter operation


  • Smooth riding design
  • Quieter operation
  • Easier to operate
  • Relatively affordable
  • Comfortable handles


  • A little tedious to maintain

04. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

  Get it now on The Xiomi Mi is a lightweight scooter that weighs 26.9 pounds, which makes it more portable and easier to handle. Storage when not in use will also be easier as it comes in a foldable design. It offers a smooth ride and decent speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour. And its powerful battery allows you to ride for a maximum of 18.6 miles which is still quite good.

The frame of the scooter is made from an aerospace-grade aluminum which ensures it will last a long time and it also has a decent weight capacity given that it can hold up to 220 lbs and so almost any adult can use it. And it has a dual braking system that ensures a sharp and proper braking system to enhance safety.

Conclusion: Well-built and a durable scooter that offers a long enough battery life, foldable design, decent speeds and larger tires for smooth rides.


  • Larger tire for smooth rides
  • Long enough trips per charge
  • Conveniently portable design
  • Decent weight capacity


  • Longer battery recharge time

05. SWAGTRON Swagger High-Speed Adult Electric Scooter

SWAGTRON Swagger High-Speed Adult Electric Scooter

  Get it now on With a 250-watt motor, you can ride the Swagtron Swagger at speeds of up to a speed of 15 miles per hour. This scooter also comes with front suspension that absorbs shocks to allow you to ride on tough terrains with ease.
For the heavier adults, this scooter will also be perfect as it can handle up to 250 pounds. And you will never need to gust when you are running out of charge as it has a convenient control panel to help with

The scooter can be folded to enable easy transportation and storage when one is not using it. For the environment-conscious users, it will also be perfect as it has been designed to be 100% electric.

Conclusion: A 100% electric scooter that comes with a powerful motor, top-quality shock absorber, and a highly useful control panel to ensure users always have an easier time. And it is also foldable for easy storage.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Great shock absorption
  • Can withstand more weight
  • It can be folded for easier storage.


  • Deck could still be a little larger

06. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

  Get it now on If you want an easy scooter to control and at a cheaper price, this one by Razor will suit you perfectly. It offers a speed of up to 10 miles per hour and has a long ride time of 80 minutes. Another amazing attribute is that it has twice the battery life of scooters that cost much more than its price.

It’s made with high-quality and durable material that ensures it lasts for many years. There is also a hand front brake system that allows you to have a smooth stopping power. The retractable kickstand permits easy on and off for riders of all ages.

Conclusion: If you are skilled in riding scooters at high speed then this one is a bit slow, but if you are a beginner then stop looking because you just got what suits you best.


  • Easy to control
  • Good battery life
  • Relatively more affordable
  • Large and smooth enough tires
  • Faster and more efficient braking


  • Still not the fastest

07. Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

  Get it now on Razor E100 is a simple design scooter, and its overall frame is small; hence, it does not take much space at the house during storage and anyone can use it easily. It has a maximum speed of up to 10 miles per hour and offers a ride duration of 40 minutes after full charge but ride time might change because of the state of the terrain.

Also, it has a twist-grip acceleration control and rear brakes on the handles which make the operation easier and safer. Because this scooter uses a rear-wheel drive, it will provide better traction and control in most terrain.

Conclusion: An amazing rear-wheel-drive scooter that is designed with the user in mind and will include a durable frame and comes ina conveniently foldable design which makes it perfect for the daily commuters with no much space for it.


  • Durable all-steel frame
  • Small and foldable frame
  • Safer to ride thanks to brake
  • Decent run time


  • A little too slow for experienced riders

08. Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter

Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter

  Get it now on Gilon Dolly electric scooter is foldable, which allows you to store and transport it easily once you are done with riding. Its frame is made from top quality materials, which makes it durable hence. It is also powder-coated to be able to prevent corrosion. Also, this commuter scooter weighs just 28 pounds, and it is easy to move around, thanks to its dolly system.

With a speed of 15 miles per hour, this scooter can commute a maximum distance of 15 miles. And it also. It has a water-resistant twist grip accelerator and brake for easy operations; this ensures braking is secure and comfortable. The scooter is also fitted with a simple battery indicator to display the amount of battery life remaining on the scooter.

Conclusion: Simple but convenient electric scooter that offers all the bells and whistles you could expect from these scooter types from a tough frame to a lightweight and foldable design and battery indicator.


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Tough and durable frame material
  • Water-resistant controls
  • Handy battery indicator
  • Smooth and comfortable suspension


  • Battery drains a little too fast

09. GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

  Get it now on If you are looking for a simple, clean and budget-friendly electric scooter, this Gotrax electric scooter an ideal pick. With a 250 W motor and 8.5-inch air-filled tires, the electric scooter offers you speeds of up to 15.5 mph and with excellent shock absorption as you ride on bumpy tracks.

The scooter gives a range of up to 12.5 miles on a single charge, which is an impressive feat given the price. The design of the electric scooter allows it to offer you excellent acceleration, while its more efficient barking system one that will set it apart from competitors.

Conclusion: With its excellent braking system, this scooter possesses one of the best stopping power of scooters in this price range. But there is still more to it as it also has a powerful enough motor and solid metal frame.


  • Excellent overall build quality
  • Top-quality tires
  • High-speed motor
  • Conveniently foldable


  • Limited uphill performance

10. MEGAWHEELS Electric Scooter

MEGAWHEELS Electric Scooter

  Get it now on The Megawheels scooter comes with a powerful 250W motor and 5.0AH/36V large-capacity battery which ensures you ride to a maximum distance of 8 miles at 14 miles per hour on a full charge. This portable electric scooter is convenient to carry and store because of its ability to be folded in just a few seconds.

Its frame is made from a solid aluminum alloy which is lightweight and durable. And the double braking system ensures maximum rider safety. Overall this is a quality scooter at an affordable price, and it is fitted with a display indicator to show the battery levels. It is also fitted with adjustable levels so as to be able to change the height to suit different riders

Conclusion; This Megawheels scooter is ideal for those short-distance rides around the neighborhood. And it will also work well for anyone looking for something portable and conveniently foldable.


  • Lightweight and foldable for easier storage
  • Solid aluminum frame
  • Relatively affordable
  • Excellent for kids


  • Short travel distance per charge
  • Relatively slower maximum speed

Final Conclusion

An electric scooter offers one of the most convenient and exciting ways of getting around. And whether you are looking for something for commuting to work or moving around campus, you should now have an idea of what to buy from our reviews above. What makes things even better us the fact that the 10 electric scooters above are some of the best selling in the market and so you will still be okay of which you choose.

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