Top 10 Best Commuter Bike Helmet in 2022 Reviews

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Safety should always come first when commuting whether you are driving or cycling to work. And a simple thing like a helmet can in many instances be the difference between life and death for a cyclist, and so as you shop for cycling gear it should always be at the top of the list.
The good news is that there are several types of helmets out there that come in all kinds of brands, and so it should be easy to get something safe enough for your commutes. Better yet, you will not need to spend a lot of cash to get one.

But because we know with the busy life and work schedules you might not always get time to shop around, here we help make the task easier with our reviews of 10 of the best commuter bike helmets out there.

List of The Best Commuter Bike Helmet:

Top 10 Best Commuter Bike Helmet Reviews:

01. Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet

  Get it now on The Schwinn helmet is the perfect product for you if you are looking for something comfortable that also fits perfectly. It features some 20 air vents at the top that will offer the rider better ventilation on hot summer rides.

This commuter helmet also a three-piece micro-shell design that will ensure it outlasts many others out there. It also has a lightweight overall construction that ensures it will not be too heavy on your head and it is also designed with an adjustable fit system that will allow it to fit most adults.

Conclusion: A well built and lightweight helmet with adequate ventilation like this one is designed to make your rides more comfortable, and it is also easily adjustable to fit any adult head.


  • Easily adjustable fit
  • Durable micro-shell design
  • Superior top ventilation design
  • Lightweight overall construction


  • Still not good enough for adults with larger than average heads

02. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

  Get it now on The Razor V-17 multi-sport helmet is meant for kids and it has been built with cutting edge technology to offer maximum safety. The helmet fits perfectly and is also adjustable to ensure that the younger commuters can adjust it to their liking, And better yet it provides a

The ergonomic design, extra padding and an additional sizing pad help ensure the interior remains super comfortable. And breathability is also ensured by the 17 top and sides vent which provides proper ventilation. As a bonus, it also comes with side release buckles that allow the rider to tighten the chin straps.

Conclusion: This Razor helmet has thick padding, which ensures maximum comfort and safety. It is also built for maximum breathability which keeps the ride dry even when riding in the hot summer months.


  • Customizable fit
  • Comfortable enough with sufficient padding
  • Tough and durable outer shell
  • Secure buckles


  • Stil a little large for some kids

03. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

  Get it now on This durable JBM helmet is designed for both men and women and it can withstand any typical riding condition which ensures it lasts many years. Also, it has EPS foam that absorbs most of the shock from the impact to offer the rider’s head maximum protection. The best of all is the ability to allow the rider to adjust the size thanks to its side straps which ensures you always get a custom fit.

Also, your rides will always be more comfortable and dry even under the hot summer sun as it comes with a superior aerodynamic design and ventilation system that maximize airflow. And this is also a more lightweight helmet that will not add any unnecessary weight to your head.

Conclusion: Safety is at the heart of this helmet’s design but it will also offer a more comfortable riding experience thanks to the perfect and customizable fit and excellent ventilation.


  • Easily adjustable design
  • Adequate top and side ventilation
  • Lightweight construction
  • Variety of cool color options


  • Non-locking safety locks mean it will require frequent readjustment

04. TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet

TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet

  Get it now on This TeamObsodian helmet offers much more than safety as it also has a sleek design that will look fantastic on a rider. It also features a cushioned strap for maximum comfort, and the pads are washable for easy maintenance. The shock absorption technology will protect you from a direct impact which is just what you on a helmet. In addition, it has 22 air vents which provide excellent airflow to keep your head cool.

The helmet can be adjusted to fit any head size as it comes with some nice chin straps. Weight will also not be an issue as it is a lightweight helmet made with some top quality material for maximum durability and it also comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Conclusion: This helmet can serve you for many years while retaining its original state because of the type of materials used to make it. Also, it is tough enough for maximum protection and also includes some comfortable cushioning.


  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Maximum ventilation and breathability
  • Lightweight but still durable
  • Excellent shock absorption


  • Strap design feels a little complicated

05. BASE CAMP Cycling Bike Helmet

BASE CAMP Cycling Bike Helmet

  Get it now on This Base Camp helmet is a high-quality product that allows you to ride with confidence. Any impact in case of an accident is absorbed by the thick padding which enables you to escape without head injuries Better yet, it is also super comfortable to wear thanks to its EPS foam.

It features 7 vents that facilitate airflow to keep you sweat-free even during intense cycling. And It also comes with a quick-release buckle that allows easy adjustment and a removable visor that attaches by a magnet.

Conclusion: This helmet not only protects you in case of accidents but will also protect you from the sun rays while riding thanks to its removable visor that covers the entire top part of the face. And you will also get a convenient and easily adjustable helmet when you buy it.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Nice and protective visor
  • Sleek overall appearance
  • Comes in a variety of different colors


  • Safe lights would have been a good addition

06. Giro Trinity Cycling Helmet

Giro Trinity Cycling Helmet

  Get it now on Giro Trinity is an amazing helmet that has thick padding on the inside for maximum comfort. This padding works with the tough outer shell to ensure you get maximum protection in case of impact. Better yet, the padding is removable in case you need to clean your helmet

This helmet comes in a wide range of colors to allow you to pick something that suits your preferences. It also has 22 air vents that are built to ensure maximum airflow for excellent ventilation. And if appearance, matters to you the sleek overall design will impress you.

Conclusion: It has a great design and convenient. The Trinity suits those riders that would like a classic helmet that improves their biking experience.


  • Thick and comfortable padding
  • Nice range of colors
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Stylish overall appearance


  • Need extra padding for the sides

07. BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet

BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet

  Get it now on This certified helmet ensures your head is safe from injuries. It features a rear light that increases visibility and safety and hence making it suitable for urban commuting. It is lightweight, and the design does not feel bulky compared to other commuter helmets. The chin strap is easily adjustable and comfortable.

It also features 9 air vents for air circulation, and the padding is removable to allow the user to clean when the need arises. This helmet is designed for an adults’ head circumference from 21.65 to 24 inches which means it will fit almost anyone perfectly

Conclusion: The bike helmet is well made and sturdy, and the rear light is a great addition. It is also comfortable and secure and you can always be confident that you will get a customized fit.


  • Increased nighttime visibility and safety
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easily adjustable fit
  • Thick enough and comfortable padding


  • Some adults might still find it a little on the smaller side

08. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

  Get it now on This Retrospec helmet is US CPSC certified and is ideal for biking, skating, and other activities that require protective headgear. It features 10 vents for good enough air circulation during hot summer rides. And it is designed to keep the rider’s head safe from injuries, thanks to its ABS shell that surrounds the high-quality EPS foam which absorbs shock on impact.

It also has the classic skate design and 2 sets of interchangeable pads to customize your fit and comfort. And you can pick from a variety of matte colors, and select one that matches your bike color if you like.

Conclusion: With a tried and tested helmet like this, safety is always guaranteed. Also, it is designed to ensure excellent air circulation and with superior padding to keep the interior cozy.


  • Customizable fit
  • Good enough ventilation
  • Adequate shock-absorbing foam
  • Pleasant classic look


  • A few extra air vents would have been nice

09. BERN Watts Helmet

BERN Watts Helmet

  Get it now on The design of this helmet combines a baseball-hat-inspired hard visor with classic Bern styling. It features a variety of colors to pick from to allow you to match it to your bike or riding gear. And the interior has a combination of ABS shell and EPS foam to ensure maximum shock absorption on impact. This helmet is also fitted with air vents to help enhance air circulation.

You can easily install your PDW bike light on this helmet as it attaches easily. And with then crank fit adjustment system you can be confident of always getting a custom fit

Conclusion: Many riders have credited this helmet for saving their lives and this is because it is built with everything it takes to keep your head safe in case of impact. Better yet, this Watts helmet looks great and it is also relatively affordable.


  • Strong and durable
  • Adequate interior padding
  • Easily adjustable fit
  • Allows for bike light attachment


  • The style is not for everyone

10. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

  Get it now on Critical Cycles CM1 is the kind of helmet that will work for all kinds of rider regardless of the kind of bike they ride. This helmet is also ideal for other activities that may require a protective headgear, and it is also well-built and highly durable.

There are also 10 strategically placed vents that help enhance air circulation. And with the two sets of interchangeable pads, you can easily customize the size. These pads are also handy at eliminating sweat and odor from the helmet. And with the combination of both ABS and EPS foam, you can be sure of maximum impact absorption in case of a crash.

Conclusion: The Critical Cycles helmet is light, comfortable, and highly protective. And it is designed not to obstruct the vision of the rider while cycling. To add to these amazing traits it will also include some nice ventilation holes.


  • Sturdy and almost indestructible shell
  • Well-ventilated interior
  • Adequate ABS and EPS foam padding
  • Adjustable and secure straps


  • Head is not covered completely


Bike commuting is always growing in popularity and if you are into it, you need to make sure that you have a good helmet for safety. However, with this piece finding one should no longer be a tedious task. From our detailed overview above, you should now have more than enough recommendations and all you need to do is pick a model that suits you.

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