Top 10 Best Collapsible Cups in 2020

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Cups are an important part of your luggage for any camping trip or tour. However, they take a lot of space and make your luggage bulky. Well, that is never going to be a problem if you opt for collapsible cups. The collapsible cups have a special construction from the best material. Thus, you can fold them into thin circles and carry them around without any hassle. Travel-friendly, user-friendly and fully safe to use, this is a perfect match for every party.

Guessing which cups are really going to be helpful? In this list, we have reviewed the best quality collapsible cups. Go through our list and you will be able to choose the best one.

Best Collapsible Cups in 2020 Reviews

10. ME.FAN Collapsible Travel Cup

ME.FAN Collapsible Cups

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If you travel for outdoor trips a lot, or mere sporting activities, cups might be the most essential and problematic thing to handle. Well, ME.FAN brings you an easy and innovative solution to your trouble. This cup is foldable into a very thin and almost flat circle. They take almost no space in your bags. Hence, you will not have to worry about the cups crumpling.

These make the best portable friends for you to carry on your trips. As a matter of fact, it is FDA approved and even free of any sort of toxins.

Key Features:

  • Comes in various attractive shades for you to choose from.
  • They have a great temperature resistance from -40F to as high as 480F.
  • These cups can hold as much as 9.22 oz of liquid content inside it.

9. ROCONTRIP Silicone Collapsible Cup


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Need the taste of your own coffee in the morning, but do not have a suitable means to carry it, your worries are over. Withstanding high temperatures, it keeps your coffee smelling fresh and hot. Not only does it protects your fingers from burning, but also provides a good grip with the fine surface. A very thoughtful move has been the addition of a nozzle like opening at the top. This helps you to easily have your drink through that, without opening the entire cup.

The nozzle can shut close when not in use. Therefore, it also keeps any outside elements or even small bugs from getting inside your cup.

Key Features:

  • Completely safe since they come with FDA approval.
  • Being extremely light, they are easy to carry anywhere you like.
  • Comes with a white PP ring for extra advantage.

8. StojoS2-IND Collapsible Cup

STOJO Collapsible Cups

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The days when you had to carry bully mugs or cups that crumple easily are over. Whether it’s your morning coffee or a refreshing hiking trip, this collapsible cup has from Stojo has your back. Now save the planet while enjoying your drink. Since the cups are reusable, you do not keep littering the environment with used cups.

Moreover, having your personal cup saves your money in various ways. You can choose to carry your own homemade brew. Once you finish your drink, this little thing can even fit the pockets of your pants or your purse. Moreover, many places give special discounts for carrying your very own cup.

Key Features:

  • The inclusion of a handy, removable and reusable straw makes the experience extra special.
  • These cups have food grade silicone construction. Hence they are completely BPA free, devoid of any glue or lead material.
  • Completely environment-friendly, as a result, will not harm the nature in anyway.

7. Ecoart Silicone Travel Cup


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For those who do not have a purpose for a very large cup, this one serves your needs. A medium collapsible cup, this is able to hold up to 1.5 oz liquid inside it easily. Likewise, the cup is conveniently smaller collapsing itself into the most things disc you can ever imagine. Just slide it into your pocket, or pouch of the bag.

The whole cup has the diameter of only 7 centimeters, even smaller than a regular pen. Finally, the food-grade material will make it fully safe when you drink on it.

Key Features:

  • A great advantage of this cup is microwave safe. If you need to reheat your coffee, just pop the cup in, and enjoy your hot cup of Americano.
  • Cleaning becomes a painless task since this cup is also dishwasher safe. You can let the dishwasher clean the cup while you sit back and rest.
  • Comes with FDA approval. Thus, safe to use.

6. DARUNAXY Collapsible Travel Cup

DARUNAXY Collapsible Cups

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Among the line of collapsible cups, DARUNAXY stands out having FDA approval for various reasons. For those who hate the typical smell which usually comes from silicone products, this incredible product is absolutely odorless. Furthermore, this efficient piece can hold as good as 19oz of liquid, making it great for those hiking or camping trips.

Having a broader rim, it is very easy to load the cup with contents. However, the plus point is that is it also non-staining. Load this with coffee or your favorite drinks if you prefer, cleaning will be hassle-free.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a handy hook. This enables the cup in its disc form to be hung from any hand rope of the bag, efficiently saving more space.
  • Having superior food-grade quality silicone material, this is extremely durable and proves to be long-lasting.
  • As a matter of fact, it is reusable.

5. Valourgo Collapsible Cup


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What can be worse than getting coffee stains while trying to enjoy your drink on the go? Well, Valourgo looks after all your concerns for you. The cup comes with a straw to prevent any liquid from splashing out. Besides, keeping the hygiene of your reusable straw in mind, it has a special case to put the straw in, along with a straw cleaning brush.

The straw itself can bend into a compact size. However, if you absolutely do not want to carry the straw, no worries. The lid is small and shaped to fit every mouth easily to prevent any spillage.

Key Features:

  • The cup is absolutely leak proof. You do not have to worry about spills anymore.
  • The cups take no extra effort to collapse or open themselves. They are very soft and extremely easy to stretch.
  • Does not contain any toxic chemical in its ingredients.

4. AceCamp Collapsible Cup

AceCamp Collapsible Cups

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If you really need a collapsible cup badly but do not prefer the silicone ones, AceCamp is your savior. This is one of its kind product. The entire product is of food-grade quality stainless steel. The product is absolutely safe and non-toxic. Needless to say, having stainless steel, the cup is very strong and proves to be a durable alternative.

Of course, the steel is rustproof, so you can just pop it in your dishwasher. This, cleaning is a trouble-free task as you hardly have to spend any effort behind it.

Key Features:

  • Features in two separate sizes of 2 oz and 5 oz to suit your personal preference.
  • A stainless steel lid cover comes with the cup. The lid prevents the liquid from spilling and keeps dust away when the cup collapses.
  • Completely lightweight and does not take much space.

3. Infree Crenics Collapsible Cup


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You consider it a steal deal, as you are getting two collapsible travel cups at nearly the price of one. Although, do not worry about the quality. It ensures that you only get the best. The addition of a scalding ring makes sure that you can easily hold your hot drinks without hurting your fingers. Furthermore, it provides a strong grip on the cup with its uneven pattern of the ring.

The product comes with two very special stainless straws. Not only that, a thoughtful straw cleaning brush comes with the cup which offers easy access and cleaning.

Key Features:

  • The opening for the cup while drinking is in the design of a rotator. It is both convenient and provides a top-notch seal for drinking.
  • Given, the material is absolutely BPA free. It also has the official approval of FDA standards.

2. Hokone Collapsible Travel Cup

Hokone Collapsible Cups

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This will soon become your best friend for the morning coffees and the regular travel to your office. The cup comes with a top metal rim. This rim comes with its very own set of advantages. The rim is of the stainless steel material, making sure it is not harmful or sharp for your fingers throughout the surface.

Moreover, the rim offers support to the structure of the cup. This makes sure the cup holds its shape and does not easily collapse. Besides, it also ensures that no fluid spills if you hold the cup a bit too tightly.

Key Features:

  • This is much more efficient than other cups. It settles down to a mere height of 15mm enabling it to be easily fitted into any space.
  • The line demarcations on the surface of the collapsible cup make it easy to understand the distinction in fluid quantity through those demarcations.
  • You can now keep the environment safe as well because it is environment-friendly.

1.AVALEISURE 16OZ Collapsible Cup


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If you are an environmentalist, then you are in dire need of one of these. This reduces the use of tons of disposable cups, with your very own and handy collapsible cup. Being able to hold as much as 16oz of water, it comes with its very own perks. Fill the cup by opening the cover before using, and drink through the small mouth hole, or the straw to avoid any spilling of fluids.

As a matter of fact, it has great heat and cold resistance. Finally, it is also dishwasher and freezer safe.

Key Features:

  • The silicone straw is easily foldable, and reusable, making it the perfect accessory for the cup.
  • The base has a wider surface area in order to provide extra support to the cup. This ensures that the cup stays absolutely stable on any floor surface.
  • Absolutely BPA free as it aims to keep any sort of adulteration away.

Collapsible cups are really handy. Plus, they are environment-friendly and protect the ecosystem from the threat that disposable cups offer. Most importantly, they are easy to carry. So, choose the best one from above and makes your trips easy.

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