Best Christmas Table Runners in 2022

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Add a little class, its Christmas time, and the decorations are coming out. One way to add a little class to this year’s celebration is to us one of the top 13 best Christmas table runners in 2022. These nicely decorated runners make any table look a lot better.

Plus, they are made from fine long-lasting materials so you can use them for years. Also, they should come in a variety of sizes so you can decorate many different tables and have a great Christmas theme running through your home.

Christmas doesn’t have to be just Santa and reindeer. You can use a lot of decorations to have your home provide a very traditional and old fashioned feel to your holiday celebration. These top table runners will do the trick.

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13. Sattiyrch Christmas Embroidered Table Runner

13.Sattiyrch Christmas Embroidered Table Runner, Luxury Poinsettia and Holly Table Runner for Xmas Decorations,

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Embroidery always looks good and when that hobby is combined with Christmas decorations you end up with some classy looking tables. This top table runner measures about 15 by 69 inches in size and uses embroidery to its fullest potential.

This faux linen table runner can be washed in cold to keep it nice and clean. Just keep it on the gentle cycle, then use low heat when in your dryer. Your efforts should bring you a great looking table runner every time you are done.

What should catch your eye is the intricate detail that is included in this table runner. All the detail should bring out the best in your table and home. With a variety of colors to choose from the table runner should not clash with your other Christmas decorations.

12. Sendia Christmas Table Runners

12.Christmas Table Runners Washable Classic Christmas Table Lines with Snow Balls Decor for Xmas Holiday Season Home Table Christmas Decoration 14x 70 Inch

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Keep it simple this year. This red with a little white highlight table runner has your table looking like Santa Claus. Its a simple piece of fabric meant to help you retain that Christmas spirit all day every day.

The non woven fabric is machine washable making sure you do not run up any dry cleaning ills. On top of that, the fabric is quite durable and should last you more than one Christmas season.

Measuring 14 by 70 inches in size your long dinner table should look great throughout the Christmas season from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Plus, the good looking table runner is photogenic and should help upgrade any photo op it is included in. The runner looks good all the time.

11. Wizpower Plaid Table Runner

11.Plaid Table Runner, Cotton & Burlap Buffalo Check Table Runner, Christmas Elk Table Runner for Christmas Table Decoration, Family Dinners or Gatherings, Indoor

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Made from cotton and burlap this tough fabric combination makes sure you will use it for more than one month. With its plaid design, you can add a little Scottish influence to your Christmas dinners and get-togethers.

With a 74 inch length and a 14-inch width, your treasured dining room table will look more elegant than usual. Then you can really make it look Christmassy with the white reindeer populating the table runner.

When the time comes to clean it, don’t place it in a hot dryer. Use cold water and the gentle cycle to get the dirt out. Forget about using bleach as well or you may have a white Christmas after all. One without seeing snow outside.

10. Simhomsen Decorative Dark Gray Snowman Table Place Mats

10.Simhomsen Decorative Dark Gray Snowman Table Place Mats for Christmas Holidays (12 × 18 Inch Set of 4)

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, you can remind everyone that it is Christmas. These top Christmas placemats add a little Christmassy feel to your dining room table and your meals. They should look great as you eat.

Measuring 12 by 18 inches in size, these mats cover a lot of dining room territory keeping your table free from messes. Also, the snowmen and snow design should help everyone stay nice and cool reminding them that snow is coming soon.

Once on your table, these placemats would look good with the table runner which carries the same design. Run a very Christmas winter theme throughout your dining room when turning to these top products to brighten your home.

9. S-DEAL Christmas Table Runner

9.S-DEAL Christmas Table Runner Linen Burlap with Embroidery for Dinner Party Decor Family Dinners Gatherings Holiday 14x72 Inches

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This table runner should remind you of those old fashioned Christmases. The ones where everyone went off into the woods and cut their own Christmas tree and brought it home for the holidays.

Those old memories can be relieved just by looking at this top quality table runner. It has the design of a truck carrying a Christmas tree home. Measuring 14 by 72 inches in size, this table runner will create a very homey atmosphere once laid out on your table.

The burlap construction fabric should last you a long time reminding you of special Christmases of days gone by. Then the muted colors should not overpower your other Christmas decorations once you bring them out and place them around your home. This table runner makes Christmas special again.

8. OurWarm Christmas Embroidered Table Runner

8.OurWarm Christmas Embroidered Table Runner White Snowflakes Table Linens for Christmas Decorations 16 x 72 Inch

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Your family may think you are wishing for a white Christmas after you lay this table runner out for the holidays. Its red fabric background is cover in white snowflakes giving a very wintery feel to your home.

Little snowball pieces of fabric hang as end fringe to add to your Christmas snowy wishes. All the snowflakes are embroidered onto the red fabric. The combination makes sure you and your family feel like Christmas is already here.

Measuring about 16 by 72 inches in size, make sure not to bleach this table runner when cleaning it. Also, hand washes in cold water to help it keep its good looks. Hang dry and keep away from your dryer. Low heat iron if necessary.

7. VGIA Christmas Table Runner

7.VGIA 72 inch Christmas Table Runner Rectangle Snow Pattern Table Runner Christmas Decoration

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They say that no 2 snowflakes are the same. It seems that no 2 Christmas table runners are the same either. This top table runner comes with gold, silver and white snowflakes. They add a lot of class to your tabletop.

In addition, you have a 72 by 14 inch Christmas table runner that will complement any setting you place it in. The hand-sewn edges build up the strength of this Christmas cloth and help it look even better. That feature also adds some durability to the table runner helping it to last through many Christmas seasons.

Like other table runners on this list, use cold water and gentle cycle when washing. Low dryer heat when drying. Follow those instructions and you can have a great looking table runner every Christmas.

6. Fennco Styles Pandoro Collection Holiday Christmas Tree Table Runner

6.Fennco Styles Pandoro Collection Holiday Christmas Tree Table Runner - 16 X 68

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If you did not see the Christmas tree, you may think you are dining with European royalty. The gold stitching and embroidery work is at European classy levels that make fine Western dining seem like a trip to a fast-food restaurant.

Once you look at this 16 by 68-inch table runner, you should see the elaborate craftsmanship that put it all together. Every decoration is just right and upgrades any dining room it is placed. Your family may not want to touch it as it looks so good.

On top of that, you have a tough table runner that can only be cleaned in cold water and have a cool iron used on it. Hang dry it so you don’t lose it and its good looks to dryer heat.

5. AerWo Cotton & Burlap Buffalo Check Table Runner

5.AerWo Cotton & Burlap Buffalo Check Table Runner, Christmas Reversible Buffalo Plaid Table Runner for Christmas Table Decoration,

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Two sides are better than one. When one gets dirty, just flip it over and display the clean side. This cuts down on your laundry chores while still keeping your table looking first-rate. Made from both cotton and burlap fabrics for durability and looks.

Plus, its 72 by 14-inch dimensions cover a lot of table territory protecting it from spilled food and drinks. It is so tough it can be used outside when you want a little Christmas picnic to cheer you up.

Also, you can use this table runner to accent your current table cloth. The red and black color should spruce up just about any table cloth. Just take care when you clean it. Follow the cleaning instructions to make sure this table runner lasts and lasts.

4. Grelucgo Embroidered Christmas Holiday Holly Tree Table Runner

4.Grelucgo Embroidered Christmas Holiday Holly Tree Table Runner, Dresser Scarf, Rectangular 16 x 72 Inch

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As the Christmas song goes, have a holly jolly Christmas. And you can do that when you pick up this nice looking holly Christmas table runner at the store. It brings the peace of holly trees into your home.

Gold and green stitching provide your table with some of the best look possible. Then the star top holly trees make sure you are in the Christmas season. The dominate red color reinforces that moment making sure Christmas spirit is on its way to you.

Then this 72 by 16-inch table runner can be machined or hand washed. Whichever way suits you best. Hang dry and keep the iron cool to get rid of any wrinkles. This is a decorative table runner meant to keep the Christmas spirit in your home throughout the holiday season.

3. DII Tartan Holy Plaid

3.DII Tartan Holy Plaid 100% Cotton Table Runner, Machine Washable for Holiday Gatherings, Dinner Parties, & Christmas (

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The green and red holiday colors make this the perfect table runner to use this Christmas. Its 108 by 14-inch size makes sure your lengthened dinner table is covered with the presence of Christmas present.

On top of that, you have a durable cotton table runner that should stand up to all the holiday treatment sent its way. When dirty take care of its cleaning so it always looks good on your dining room table.

The 100% cotton fabric should stand up to many Christmas’ treatments making sure it lasts and stays with you for a long time to come. The durability should be second to none. When Christmas is finally over just store it away till the next year when you will need it again.

2. OurWarm Christmas Embroidered Table Runners

2.OurWarm Christmas Embroidered Table Runners Poinsettia Holly Leaf Table Linens for Christmas Decorations 15 x 69 Inch

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Poinsettias have been linked to Christmas for generations. Its red and green leaves make it the perfect Christmas plant. With this top table runner, you do not need the plant in your home. They are found in numerous quantities on the fabric.

The overall Christmas design features top embroidery, great thread color, and integration as well as a durable background fabric that lets those design elements remain their best. The 69 by 15-inch table runner should last and last.

Just take special care in cleaning and storing this item. Those two activities can make or break a top table runner like this one. The colors should remain brilliant through many machines or hand washes. You have a great Christmas influence in this top table runner.

1. Benson Mills Christmas Ribbons Fabric Table Runner

1.Benson Mills Christmas Ribbons Engineered Printed Fabric Table Runner, 16x 90

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Keep your Christmas low key and tasteful. This top Christmas table runner uses ribbons and fir branches to tell everyone that it is Christmas time once again. Made from both cotton and polyester fabrics you have a strong yet beautiful table runner that brings Christmas to an elegant level.

In addition to that look, this tough table runner endures a lot of treatment and still lasts so you can use it every year. A lighter design offsets the ribbon and fir to make sure your look is complete and very formal.

With its 72 by 14-inch dimensions, it should cover most tables highlighting their great features and making both look great. You won’t regret adding this top table runner to your Christmas decoration use this year. It is good and brings a new look to your home.


Christmas can be stressful. There is always lots of baking to be done, decorations to put up, presents to buy, and more. One way to keep you focused on the real meaning of Christmas is to use one of the top 13 best Christmas table runners in 2022.

These top runners add a special Christmas look to your home. Plus, they work with all your decorations to make sure your home looks like Christmas The best have a way of doing that year after year.

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