Best Ceiling Fans in 2022 Reviews

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Airflow is great and it helps you to remain cool and gets the heat and humidity away before they do any harm. Also, with one of the top 18 best ceiling fans in 2022, you can add a decorative touch to any room you place them in.

These top ceiling fans upgrade the look of your home while making sure you and your family have enough airflow to stay cooler over those long hot summer months. They may also add a little extra value to your home when it comes time to sell and relocate.

List Of Our Best Ceiling Fans Review On Amazon.Com

18. Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan

 Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

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Put a little tropical influence into your home by installing this 52-inch ceiling fan. It comes with 2 pull chains to make sure operation is simple and quick. Each fan blade is designed to look like a nice tropical leaf that will add a little character to the room it is placed.

On top of that, you get a nice smoked glass light fixture to light up that room. The pull chains not only provide some light, but they also give you 3 speeds of fan blade movement. This ceiling fan works sin rooms measuring about 350 to 450 square feet in size.

17. Westinghouse Lighting Quince LED Ceiling Fan

 Westinghouse Lighting 7224600 Quince LED Ceiling Fan with Light

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You may not have a large room to accommodate a large ceiling fan. That is okay as the blades on this unit measure 24 inches long and still provide excellent airflow for you. It’s a 3o watt ceiling fan with light and a 16 watt light bulb.

6 fan blades deliver the airflow while the dimmable LED light provides the illumination. For best results, you want to place this reversible fan in a 100 square foot room. The all-black ceiling fan complements any decor and helps your room look a lot better. The 1259 CFM should be enough for your smaller rooms.

16. Westinghouse Lighting Black Indoor Ceiling Fan

 Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan

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This traditional style ceiling fan is 52 inches long and provides you with the airflow you want. It should work in a 15 by 15-foot room and keep everyone nice and cool. Plus, you can use it all year round with its reversible function.

On top of that, you get 2 40 watt light bulbs inside the frosted glass light shade. That should be more than enough light to handle your room activities. The 3589 CFM makes sure the air is rotated evenly throughout the room. The fan uses about 57 watts of power keeping you energy-efficient after installation.

15. Westinghouse Lighting Industrial Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

 Westinghouse Lighting 7812700 Industrial 56-Inch

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3 blades are all it takes for this 56-inch ceiling fan to keep the air fresh in your commercial, industrial or home location. This industrial ceiling fan handles 400 square foot rooms without breaking into a sweat. You can get that cool or warm air down to your level in no time.

No pull chains are necessary here as a 5-speed wall switch is included with your purchase. Just turn the dial to get the airflow at the rate you want. Its white finish should blend the ceiling fan in with its surroundings and remain invisible. Great for high entryways as well.

14. Progress Lighting Springer Twelve-Blade Ceiling Fan

 Progress Lighting P250000-129 Springer Twelve-Blade 60" Ceiling Fan

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Be a little different and turn to this 12 blade ceiling fan. Once installed it should be a great conversation piece as its 60-inch size covers larger rooms with cooling airflow. With its walnut finish, the fan should upgrade your room’s look substantially.

Ceiling fan remote control is included making sure you can select the fan speed and other options you want. Also, its canopy works with flat or angled ceilings making it even easier to use. The airflow speed has been clocked at approx. 6500 CFM. Made from steel for durability.

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13. Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga Bronze Indoor Ceiling Fan,

 Westinghouse Lighting Remote Control Included 7207800 Cayuga 60-inch

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After you install this ceiling fan, you get 6 blades and 60 inches of length moving your air around silently. There should be little to no noise once you turn this fan on. For best results make sure to keep installation in 400 square foot rooms or a little less.

On top of that, 2 8 watt LED lights light up the room like old 60-watt bulbs used to do. Save a little money on your electricity when you turn the light on. Its included remote control lets you select on, off, one of 4 fan speeds and controls the light, which you can dim.

12. reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan

 reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit Remote Control Modern Blades Noiseless Reversible Motor,6-speed

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Make your guests think you have purchased an airplane propeller for a ceiling fan. That is what this 52-inch fan looks like with its 3 long blades. After you turn it on, you get about 6500 CFM from the 17-degree pitch blades.

Then when the sun goes down or your draw the blinds, the 12 watts LED light in the middle of this fan lights up your room so you can see what you are doing. The remote control operates the speed, the reverse function, and the timer. Sleep mode is possible by setting the timer to shut the fan off at the right time.

11. Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

 Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

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Low profile simply means you get a little more headroom when walking into the room that has this ceiling fan installed. But this hunter ceiling fan has a great design to make sure you get airflow without having an intrusive fan in the way.

4 fan blades give you about 6500 CFM over 44 inches of length. In addition to that, you control the fan through its handheld remote. 2 -10 watt LED light bulbs to make sure the room is not left in the dark when the sun goes down. The classic silver and black design add a little class to your home.

10. Hunter Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

 Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan

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You do not need more noise in your life. That is why this 3 blade ceiling fan creates little to no noise at all. Then with its reversible function, you get 12 months of service. Winter use keeps the heat lower so you use less energy.

Also, the 52-inch length covers a lot of square feet when you need it most. A pull chain handles the options and a slight tug gets you the direction you need at the time. Plus, the fan should be easy to install.

9. Honeywell Ceiling Fans

 Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195 Rio 54" Ceiling Fan

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Speak and this 54-inch ceiling fan should listen and obey. That is because it works with Alexa the voice control app. Alexa equipment sold separately of course. Once you install this ceiling fan your medium to the large room can be cooled quickly.

3 fan blades handle the cooling task through 3 fan speeds, while the dimmable light can be operated through the handy remote control. For winter heating help, the motor does go in reverse. The motor does its job without making a lot of noise.

8. Portage Bay Hugger West Hill Ceiling Fan

 Portage Bay 50254 Hugger 52" White West Hill Ceiling Fan

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If you have white ceilings, you can probably cool your room without anyone seeing this white ceiling fan. Or if you want to show off the fan, flip the 52-inch blades over and sow them the maple finish.

A 10 to 100% adjustable LED light also makes this nice ceiling fan visible when the other lights go out in the room. The lights put out about 600 lumens at one time. The key to the installation is to make sure you have about 15 inches of extra headroom.

7. Hunter Fan Company Hunter

 Hunter Fan Company Hunter 51059 Transitional 42``Ceiling Fan

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5 blades and a whisper-quiet motor handle your room cooling task for you. All you need to do is pull the chains to get the fan speed and light quality you need at the time. It is a safe and simple ceiling fan to use.

Each blade has a 13-degree pitch for the best air movement possible. Then the motor does reverse its direction when you need to drive warm air down to your level. The only drawback is that it is made for indoor use only.

6. Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

 Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

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A contemporary look may be just the thing to make your home look a lot better and this 44-inch ceiling fan brings that look. Also, the reversible motor gives you cooling and heating options when the seasons change.

On top of that, the remote control lets you adjust the fan speeds as well as operate the two approx. 10 watt LED bulbs. You get the atmosphere you want at the touch of a button. The unit then sits flush to the ceiling making walking in the room a safe activity to do.

5. Hunter Transitional Ceiling Fans

 Hunter Fan Company Hunter 52090 Transitional 34``Ceiling Fan from Watson Collection Dark Finish

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Decoratively speaking, this 34-inch ceiling fan has it all. Nice darkish wood blade finish combines with the shaded light fixture to make sure you have a great look in your room. Even the dark-colored metal blends together with those decorative features.

Once installed, you get 5 reversible fan blades to vary your room’s look. Also, the 13-degree pitch handles the airflow reaching the best possible movement. A reversible motor makes sure you can use this beautiful ceiling fan all year long. For indoor use only.

4. Harbor Breeze Mazon Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor

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If you want to go postmodern in your room, this harbor breeze flush mount ceiling fan will do just that. Its brushed nickel finish provides a post-modern influence that is second to none. The 44-inch fan blades move at one of 3 motor speeds with a reversible function built-in.

A 100 square foot room is the ideal location for this little fan. With an 18 watt LED light you should be able to see what you are doing when in the room. The air moves at roughly 4500 CFM when called upon.

3. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fans

 with pull chain control

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The 3 chandelier type lights shine down on your room’s activities at 60-watt brilliance each. Once you turn on those lights your room should light up and be shadow-free. A pull chain handles the lighting duties.

Plus, 3 pull chain operated fan speeds to make sure your room remains cool and with less humidity. A 500 square foot room is the location that gives you the best results. Then when the seasons change, so can the direction of the 52-inch blades. The motor runs quietly.

2. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fans

 Fan with light and pull chain control

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6 1/2 watt LED light bulbs to produce about 60 watts of brilliance when you use them to light up your room. The smoked glass shade diffuses the light to make sure no one gets too much light in their eyes.

In addition to that, the 5- 52-inch fan blades move at 159 rpm in either direction. 2 pull chains handle all the action. This ceiling fan is easy to use and should not be that difficult to install. The brown color scheme should complement any room it is placed in.

1. Westinghouse Lighting Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fans

 Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan-Ceiling Fans-Ceiling Fans

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This 42-inch ceiling fan has what the larger models have. 3 fan speeds, a reversible motor, and 2 40 watt light bulbs. You get to move the air in the direction you want without sacrificing any light.

After you install this ceiling fan, the air should move at the rate of 2900 CFM approx. Only 53 watts are needed to power this ceiling fan, the lights add a few more wattage usage when turned on. All you need is a 100 square foot room to put it in to get all the benefits this ceiling fan has to offer.

Some final words

When you need to cool your little too large rooms, you need a top ceiling fan to handle the task. One of the top 18 best ceiling fans in 2022 are up to that task and get the job done well.

They are durable models that look good after installation. Upgrade the value of your home with a good ceiling fan.

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