Best Cat Scratchers in 2021 Reviews

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Cats like to scratch, it helps them feel good and it sharpens their claws. One of the top 13 best cat scratchers in 2021 can help your cat achieve their small goals in a big way. Also, they look innovative and creative.

These top cat scratchers work hard at giving your cat what he or she needs. That is why they are among the best. They work. Plus, they look good and do not detract from your home’s decor.

You go with the best so that you can have the item for a long time. And your cat stays healthy as well as stress-free.

Check Out Best Cat Scratchers in 2021 Reviews

13. HIPIPET Cat Scratcher

13.HIPIPET Cat Scratcher Cardboard Cat Scratcher Pad Scratching Posts 3-in-1 Lounge Bed for Large Cats and Little Kitten

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3 sizes give your cat some scratching and playing options. The small, medium and large cat scratchers are all made from the same materials and provide your cat with the same results. Sharp claws and a lot of fun.

In addition to that, the smallest section comes with 2 enclosed balls to add to your cat’s playtime when they are not scratching their way to good health. Plus, when not needed, the two smaller versions fit inside the larger one to make sure you do not have a storage problem.

Also, if you have more than one cat in your house, these three pieces offer then no waiting time when they need to sharpen their claws. They just pick one and go to town. The design looks good as well.

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12. PrimePets Cat Scratcher

12.PrimePets Cat Scratcher Cardboard, Removable Cat Scratching Pad with Ball, 2-in-1 Corrugated Cat Scratch Lounge Sofa Refill

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This versatile cat scratcher provides your playful little pet a few options when you turn to it to help your cat. Your cat can lie on it and take a nap, sharpen their claws or play with the closed-in ball to add to their entertainment time.

Plus, the smaller version fits under the larger one when you do not have a lot of room to use both pieces. Made from corrugated cardboard, you can do your environmental part and bring this scratcher home from the store.

With this product, you also get some free organic catnip to reward your pet with a job well done. Then the ball toy has a bell inside to captivate your cat’s interest and keep them active. The angle gives your cat a little extra exercise.

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11. Coching Cat Scratcher

11.Coching Cat Scratcher Cardboard Curved Shape Scratch Pad with Unique Three Different Scratch Textures Design Durable Scratching

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Teach your cat early where they should scratch and where they should not. This little cat scratcher gives your pet a scratching alternative that keeps them out of trouble. Your furniture should be safe once you put this unit in your home.

On top of that, you can do your duty for the environment as this cat scratcher is made from recycled cardboard. It is also made with non-toxic glue making it safe for your pet to have hours of fun with.

Then, when the fun is done and the scratching is over you can reward your pet with the included organic catnip. Being rewarded always leaves a nice feeling in your cat’s heart. The overall design keeps this device very durable and able to withstand your cat’s treatment.

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10. PAWABOO Cat Scratcher

10.PAWABOO Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed - Premium Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Scratching Post Toy Pad Lounge Square Round Bed with Catnip for Cat Kitty Kitten

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Measuring about 13 by 17 by 7 inches in size, your cat should have a good time with this cat scratcher. Its unique design helps keep your pet from getting bored. Then with the arch shape, your cat can have lots of fun walking under or over your new cat scratcher.

With 2 enclosed toy balls, your cat should be entertained for a long time. The like other scratchers on this list, this one is also made from corrugated cardboard that has been recycled. Protect the environment and let your cat stay healthy at the same time.

When your cat uses this scratcher over your furniture, you can reward them with the included catnip. It is organic and should taste good to your cat. Its an all in one type of cat scratcher designed to keep your pet nice and healthy.

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9. Pawmosa Cat Scratchers

9.Pawmosa Cat Scratcher, Vertical Cardboard Cats Scratching Post, Lounge Bed as Furniture Protector and Home Décor Include Free

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Once you set this cat scratcher up in your home, your cat may try to go over the wall to freedom. Not really but it does look like a wall. With its stable foundation, your cat should be able to sit inside and sharpen their claws.

He or she needs them sharp t stay healthy and lose a little stress. After all, they had a hard day cleaning themselves and napping. The durable cardboard construction should last your pet for a while.

If your cat has trouble adjusting to using this scratcher over your furniture, the included catnip may help convince them of the error of their ways. The approx. measurement of this wall is 13 by 12 by 22 and they won’t need a ladder to climb it.

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8. AMZNOVA Cat Scratchers

8.AMZNOVA Cat Scratcher, Scratching Pad, Durable Recyclable Cardboard with Catnip, Colors Series

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With 6 colors to choose from your cat’s new scratcher should not clash with your furniture. It should be able to blend in and complement it. That is a good thing as the difference in colors may help you train your cat to scratch in the right spot.

Also, this scratcher lies flat on the floor so it shouldn’t move as your cat uses it. Also, there is no danger of it hurting your cat if something goes wrong. It is safe for your pet to use on a daily basis.

With its reversible nature, you can have this scratching post last your cat a lot longer. When one side is done just flip it over and let them play on the other. It saves you some money as well.

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7. 4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post

7.4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post Cat Interactive Toys - Cat Scratch Post Cats Kittens - Plush Sisal Scratch Pole Cat Scratcher

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This is a traditionally designed scratching post. It is for those people who do not have a lot of room in their apartment or house. After you get it set up and placed, there are 2 toys that help entertain your young cat included in your purchase.

Plus, the sisal rope wrap helps sharpen your cat’s claws as well as help them climb to higher ground. Once at the top they can peer around and see which territory they will conquer next.

The stable base should prevent tipping over as your cat plays with his or her new scratching post. Assembly is nice and easy. All you do is screw the parts together and your cat has anew toy to play with. This is a great scratching alternative to your expensive furniture.

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6. 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

6.4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post 26 (White) - BASICS Collection Cat Scratcher

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Lead your cat to the right place to scratch by placing this new scratching post up against a wall well away from your furniture. This design should be stable and not fall over on your pet as he or she scratches their way to good health.

To keep the post in one spot adhesive-backed metal hooks hold the post where you want your cat to scratch. It also makes sit easier to replace the post when your cat has worn it out. Made from recycled cardboard for toughness and durability.

The good news about this scratching post is that it doe snot take up a lot of space. You can put it anywhere you like in your home and your cat should have a great time sharpening their claws.

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5. SmartyKat Scratch Sisal Cat Scratchers

5.SmartyKat Scratch Sisal Scratcher

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Entertain your cat with this uniquely designed cat scratcher scratching post. Its wavy design should intrigue your pet and make them want to explore it to see what it does. Once they learn it is for them maybe your cat will leave your furniture alone.

Setting it up on the floor removes any risk to your cat as they play and it should not take up a lot of space. Then the snap-in feather toy should tickle your cat and entertain him or her for some time.

Give your cat a great place to play as well as take care of their claws. Its available in a variety of colors giving you a hard decision to make when you want to help your cat while protecting your furniture. But it is a good decision as you know your cat will benefit from it.

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4. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post

4.AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

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Your cat may think they are part of the royal family once you unbox and assemble this scratching post. It comes with a soft, comfortable cat hammock. This bed allows your cat to climb up and survey his or her kingdom.

On top of that, your cat can ease stress by using the dual scratching posts to sharpen their claws and get a little exercise in. When your cat is in the mood. a hanging toy is waiting for him or her to take an interest and play to their heart’s content.

The wide base provides stability as well as a great place to stand when scratching or playing. The sisal wrapped pillars are also strong and durable letting your cat enjoy this scratcher for a long time to come.

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3. Petstages Cat Scratchers

3.Petstages Cat Scratcher Cat Hammock Cat Scratching Post

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When your cat is not sharpening his or her claws, it can find a nice comfortable spot on top of this scratcher and curl up. Getting 40 winks in after a hard scratching job will not be that difficult for your cat to do.

Then the X design helps contribute constructively to your room’s decor and adds a nice conversation piece. The bright green side color never lets you forget that it is in the room. You should not trip over it even when you are not looking. It is that bright.

With the catnip included, you can take your time to train your cat that this is the spot for their scratching activities. The odd design also gives your cat some interesting paths t take when they want to walk around.

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2. The Original Scratch Lounge – Worlds Best Cat Scratchers

2.The Original Scratch Lounge - Worlds Best Cat Scratcher - Includes Catnip

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To be the world’s best, you have to be good and in top shape. This cat scratcher is good as it provides 3 sides for him or her to scratch. Plus, the high and low walls provide your pet with a little support when they feel like sleeping for a few hours.

Made from recycled materials this product is 100% recyclable. Also, your pet can use it safely. This scratcher uses no harmful materials in its construction. That should make you feel good about this device as well.

Measuring 21 by 13 inches in size, your pet should have enough room to scratch, play and rest on top of this scratcher. Those dimensions should not be too large for your home or apartment either. That makes it easy to use and place when your free area is not so large.

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1. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratchers

1.PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. [Superior Cardboard & Construction]. Beware 'cheaper copycats' with 'unverified' reviews

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Add a little post-modern design to your contemporary home. This cat scratcher is for those people who like modern art and want to share it with their treasured pets. Its almost figure 8 styling should fit in well with your other pieces while giving your cat a great scratching toy to play with.

Measuring about 34 by 10 by 10 inches in size, your cat should have a large enough area to scratch. Lie down or play with. It is versatile and good looking. Plus, it should help keep your cat away from your postmodern furniture.

The two holes, one on each end, should also give your cat some interesting tunnels to move through when they feel like being a cat. Also, it is reversible for more fun and scratching.

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Cats can be interesting pets. They sleep in weird positions, pretend to be aloof and more. That is why giving them one of the top 13 best cat scratchers in 2021 is a good idea.

Not only does your cat stay away from your furniture, but they also get an interesting place to pay while you are at work. Your cat stays healthy as well.


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