Best Cat Litter Boxes in 2022

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Comfort comes in all shapes and sizes at least it does for cats. One of the top 13 best cat litter boxes in 2022 is not a one size fit all product. Instead, these litter boxes push the design envelope to be more attractive, more efficient, and more cat-friendly.

Making your home life with your cat are these litter boxes’ job. Plus, they make sure your home looks its best even with a cat in the house. Go with the best cat litter box to make sure your home smells better as well.

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13. Litter Genie Cat Litter Box

13.Litter Genie Cat Litter Box

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The walls and handles in this cat litter box are up high. The first reason for this is to protect your floors from any mess your cat does when covering their waste. The second reasons are so you do not have to strain your back or bend too far to pick it up for cleaning or relocating.

Also, you get a litter box that is made from flexible plastic. This allows you to use it in small tight corners. Plus, the flexible plastic lets you pour out the old litter without creating a mess. A curved interior base makes sure no litter is left behind in the corners.

Overall it measures approx. 22 by 18 by 16 inches in size depending on which side you are looking at.

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12. Way Basics Eco Friendly Modern Cat Litter Box

12.Way Basics Eco Friendly Modern Cat Litter Box Furniture Enclosure, Black Wood Grain

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Let your cat have a little privacy and at the same time make their litter box look like a piece of furniture. This paperboard litter box uses non-toxic and no formaldehyde construction materials to create a very private litter area for your pet.

In addition to that, no tools are needed for assembly. Just put it together and find a nice spot for the innovative litter box. It also holds about 30 pounds so be careful what you put on it. A scratchpad sits in the open cubicle to scrape excess litter ff your cat’s paws.

Also, you have 2 doors to hide the litter from the public view. This litter box holds an approx. 19 by 14 by 18-inch litter tray.

11. PetFusion Large Cat Litter Box

11.PetFusion Large Litter Box (the BetterBox). NON-STICK Coating (FDA, EPA approved) significantly reduces cleaning time.

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A non-stick coating on this litter box makes it a lot easier to keep clean. Litter and waste should slide right out taking germs and bacteria with it. On top of that this coating is easier to clean up and make like new again.

In addition to those features, you get a high wall litter box that helps keep the litter inside where it belongs. A low entry point is for those older cats who have a difficult time jumping over the walls.

With the open-top, your cat can get in a d out very quickly if they choose to leap. The 23 by 18 by 8 inch approx. Litter boxes should not take up too much room in your home. There should be a spot for it somewhere even in a small RV or apartment.

10. iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

10.iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box - Never Absorbs Odor, Stains, or Rusts - No Residue Build Up - Easy Cleaning Litterbox Designed by Cat Owners (1 Pan)

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Stainless steel is a solid durable construction material. Not only can’t your cat harm it, but it also would take a lot of your force to ruin this litter box. Plus, stainless steel looks good and is easy to clean.

On top of that, stainless steel does not absorb odors or rust. That makes this a very pleasant litter box to have around. Measuring about 24 by 15 by 6 inches you get high walls and your cat gets lots of room to do his or her work.

Then with the added rubber feet, this cat litter box should not be going anywhere. Those feet hold it steady and should not slide about when your cat enters or exits it. Your floors are protected as well.

9. Omega Paw Roll N Clean Self Separating Self Cleaning Litter Box

9.Omega Paw EL-RA20-1 Roll N Clean Self Separating Self Cleaning Litter Box

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Chrome accents help let this cat litter box keep your home looking attractive. Plus, with its litter step, your cat should not be dragging litter all over the place. The easy to use rollover design helps keep your cat litter in place for a long time.

All you do is roll it over and the waste should enter the little drawer. The good litter goes back into place and you pull the drawer to empty it. This self-cleaning litter box is not that hard to use and you do not need batteries.

Then the two-tone grayish coloring keeps your litter box from standing out. The lid also helps control the odor issue. With a wide opening, your cat should enter and exit without too much trouble.

8. AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

8.AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

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Not only does the snap-on lid help with your cat’s privacy issues, but it also helps maintain the odor. Once the lid is in place the odor should remain inside and not travel throughout your house.

On top of that, a little door helps the id with the odor issue without making it hard for your cat to get in and out. A little privacy goes a long way. The 24 by 18 by 17-inch cat litter box is enclosed so litter stays where you put it.

With a built-in carbon filter, the odor should be kept to a minimum making the door’s and the lid’s job much easier to do. A damp cloth keeps this plastic litter box clean and no odors are absorbed.

7. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Cat Litter Box

7.Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box, 23 x 18.5 x 11 inches

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Some cats do not mind a lack of privacy. They prefer to enter and exit their litter box through a variety of avenues. This top unit helps make that happen for them. No lid but high sides to let the cat go in and out.

The high sides make sure your cat does not make a mess every time they use their litter. With an approx. 23 by 18 by 11-inch size, you should be able to find a convenient spot for both you and your cat when placing this litter box.

A non-stick surface makes sure little waste is left behind inside. It also makes sit easier to keep the box clean and germ-free. A low entry door for those older cats who are too dignified to jump over the wall.

6. PetSafe ScoopFree Hooded Cat Litter Boxes

6.PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box – Includes Disposable Trays with Crystal Litter and Hood - 2 Colors

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You may be able to go a few weeks without changing your cat’s litter. This self-cleaning cat litter box does it all for you. It cleans away the waste leaving the good litter behind for your cat to use.

A delicate movement sensor stops the rake if your cat is inside the litter box. Once he or she leaves, the sensors will start the rake again cleaning up any and all waste left behind.

The collection tray is disposable and when filled put the lid on it and throw it all away. It is easy to use. Then a health monitor keeps track of your cat’s bathroom breaks to help you determine how healthy they are. The litter is low dust and should not stick to your cat’s paws.

5. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes

5.IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop

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A little litter scoop helps you remove the waste your cat deposits in this litter box. It is not hard to use and grabs the waste with ease. The unique top opening box provides your cat with a little dignity and privacy while keeping the litter inside. No mess no fuss.

Also, nonskid feet make sure the litter box doesn’t move when your cat is using this product. The rounded design makes sure litter does not stay in the corners when emptying it. On top of that, the unique lid helps knock stuck litter off your cat’s paws.

Measuring about 20 by 15 by 14 inches in size, this litter box does not take up a lot of room.

4. Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

4.Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

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Disguise your cat’s natural duty and bathroom by using this cat litter box that has a plant on top. No law says you can’t use decorative items to hide where your cat does their natural duties.

The clay pot design may fool your guests and have them compliment you on your taste and unique decor arrangement. The 42-inch height includes the plant. While you and your guests are looking at it, your cats can do their stuff with a little privacy.

If you have a large cat or many, this cat litter box was made for them. Plenty of room inside to make sure everyone gets their needs taken care of. A filter and vent system works hard to control dust and odor for you.

3. Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

3.Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

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Domes have been popular for quite some time. It is about time someone made the connection and designed this dome cat litter box. It provides your cat with an entry and exit room while keeping the litter and odor inside. No one has to smell what your cat has just done.

On top of that, the grooved pathway makes sure the litter does not get into your home. The grooves gently knock off the litter keeping it inside so you do not have extra cleaning to do.

In addition to that, this 21-inch cat litter box has a charcoal filter to make sure no odor escapes while you are eating dinner. It is a unique cat litter box that may be a great conversation piece when your friends visit.

2. Purina Tidy Cat Litter Boxes System

2.Purina Tidy Cats Litter Box System, Breeze System Starter Kit Litter Box, Litter Pellets & Pads

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This a traditional styled cat litter box with one difference. The sides are higher. That upgrade helps keep your floors free from kitty litter. With the built-in ammonia blocker, your litter box should stay odor-free for 7 days provided you only have one cat in the house.

The included litter pellets are supposed to be almost 100% clean of dust. Everything you need is included in this kit. You get pads, box and litter to make your life a little easier to live with your cat.

Plus, the little tray at the bottom makes waste removal a lot easier to do. No more making a mess when trying to remove the used litter and its contents. Its smaller size lets you find a good spot for the litter box and keep everyone happy.

1. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

1.Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Warm Gray

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An easy to use handle makes relocating this litter box simple and easy. Just flip it up, grab on and move. It is that simple and you and your cat can be happy with the new location. After you find a new place for it, the lid and see-through door provide a little privacy for your pet.

Also, the door and lid help keep the odor inside the litter box so as not to disturb you or your family. The litter stays inside as well making sure your already heavy cleaning schedule does not get any heavier.

You may need a good-sized empty spot to place this approx. 22 by 20 by 18 cat litter box. It takes up a little room but it serves your cat well, The box cleans up well.


Cats are unique and they have special needs. With a dog, you can let them outside to deal with their natural duties but cats are different. They need their own special spot to answer nature’s call.

One of the top 13 best cat litter boxes in 2022 provides that special spot. They all do not look or act the same but they all handle the same duty. Help your cat find relief. Since people and cats are all different there is the best cat litter box for you and your pet.

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