Best Boot Stretchers in 2022

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There are many occasions when we order boots online as per your size and when you wear on, they are slightly tight. You can return and order the next size, but that could be too big. Instead, you can use a Boot Stretchers to expand it slightly in width and length quite effortlessly. This is also useful when you do not wear a pair of boots for a long time, and suddenly you feel like wearing them, and you might have put on some weight for which the boots are not fitting well.

Check out Best Boot Stretchers on in 2022

10. Dinamon Ladies -Best Boot Stretchers

10.Ladies Boot Stretchers Boot Shapers- Adjust the Width of Boot Forefront - Size US 4.5-9.5 (EU 34.5-39.5)

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This pair of women’s boot stretchers come with the construction of heavy-duty polyurethane plastic material. So, you can also use this kit for years. Moreover, these boot shapers help you to stretch the forefront of your shoes. So, you can efficiently lessen the pain around your bunions and corns. The shoe shapers come along with 8 pieces of painful pressure points.

The handles of the stretchers also come with the construction of high-quality steel material. So, with the help of twist-n-turn handles, you can simply adjust the width of the boots. The smooth and polished surface of the toe blocks causes no damages to the boots. You can effortlessly stretch the tight spots of your shoes to relieve the pressure points.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Adjustable design for user advantage.
  •  Removable relief plugs and durable material.
  •  Easy to use and lightweight design.

9. Heartland America Women’s Boot Stretcher

9.Women's Wooden Boot Stretcher

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Made from natural wood, the smooth surface of the boot stretchers causes no damages to the shoes. Therefore, these robust yet eco-friendly stretchers also come with a prolonged lifespan. Moreover, the premium-quality steel handles with twist-n-turn grip help you to adjust the width of the toe blocks easily. So, the tempered steel handles extend the life expectancy of the shoe stretchers.

You can also use these stretchers to relieve the pressure points of your shoes. So, you can keep your feet comfortable after wearing the boots for hours. Furthermore, the shoe repairing kit especially releases the pressure around the corns and bunions. The wooden shoe stretchers come along custom position plugs to fit the women’s boots from 6 to 10 sizes.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Custom position plugs for better performance.
  •  Durable materials for long-lasting use.
  •  High performance and wide fit.

8. XYH 2-in-1 Shoe Stretcher -Best Boot Stretchers

8.XYH Shoe Stretcher Upgrade 2nd Generation Shoe Stretchers Adjustment Width and Length for Women.

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This set of shoe stretchers comes along with both the pairs of width and length stretches. So, you can also adjust the width and length of the shoes according to your requirements. Moreover, the toe blanks come with the construction of robust yet soft ABS polyurethane plastic material. Therefore, the stretchers promote no damage to the shoes. The non-toxic and plastic odor-free shoe repairing kit is safe to use by everyone.

This kit is also suitable for women’s boots from 5 to 10 sizes. Furthermore, the kit is suitable for most of the shoes, like oxfords, loafers, flats, pumps, wedges, slippers, and more. The stretchers are resistant to cracking, chipping, or breaking. So, the eco-friendly shoe repairing kit lasts for years.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Better stretch due to professional design.
  •  Safe to use and non-toxic material.
  •  Wide application and multiple benefits.

7. MARZ Boot Stretcher Shapers

7.Boot Stretcher Shapers, PAIR

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The 5-inch width of the boot stretchers makes your shoes spacious and comfortable for long-term wearing. With the help of revolutionary pressure-release pods, the stretchers also help you to relieve the pressure around small areas. Therefore, you can keep the bunions and corns pain-free and comfortable for hours. You can extend the length of your boots as per your comfort level.

The shoe stretchers also involve the construction of durable polyurethane plastic material. So, the soft and smooth texture of the stretchers causes no damages to the shoes. Furthermore, with the help of steel handles, the shoe repairing kit helps you to adjust the width of the boots accordingly. The equipment works with most of the men’s and women’s boots.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Easy to use due to ergonomic design.
  •  It helps to relieve pain.
  •  Durable materials and high performance.

6. BETIMESYU Shoe Stretcher -Best Boot Stretchers

6.Shoe Stretcher for Women Boots Wide Feet Adjustable Shoe Trees Stretching Hiking Working Boots

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This pair of women’s boot stretchers come with a universal design to suit a wide variety of boots. Therefore, you can also freely use the stretchers for working or hiking boots of both men and women. Moreover, the neutral shoe polish of this set makes your boots shine and keeps them in a perfect condition.

The side plugs of the stretchers also work with both the left and right sides of the shoes. Furthermore, the spare instep plug of the set is the ideal gadget for the people with high-feet back. The simple twist-n-turn steel handles of these stretchers help you to adjust the width of the toe blocks accordingly. The stretchers with polyurethane plastic material construction offer more stability than the wooden ones.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Long-lasting use and wide application.
  •  It helps to prevent blisters.
  •  High performance and easy application.

5. Miserwe Boot Stretcher

5.Miserwe One Pair Boot Stretcher with Boot Shaper Stands, No Color, Size No Size

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This pair of shoe stretchers are suitable for a wide variety of boots for both men and women. The set also comes along with a drawstring pouch, 2 pad plugs, 8 bunions, and boot sharper stands. Moreover, the shoe care kit is suitable for 6 to 8 men’s boots and 4.5 to 9.5 women’s shoes. Therefore, these boot stretchers simply retain the natural shape of the boots by widening them equally.

The synthetic material construction also makes these stretchers exceptionally durable. Furthermore, by simply twisting the metal handles, you can adjust the width of your shoes. So, this equipment lets you loosen the shaft areas of the shoes within 24-hours. The pressure-relief pods release the pressure around corns, bunions, and blisters.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  The synthetic material and relieves pain.
  •  Professional design and wide fit.
  •  Complete set for user advantage.

4. HOUNDSBAY Professional -Best Boot Stretchers

4.HOUNDSBAY Boxer Heavy-Duty Professional Boot Stretcher Loosen Hiking Boots & Work Boots

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The professional-style shoe caring accessory derives from the real wood. The polished texture of the wood construction of this boot stretcher also feels smooth. So, the stretcher does not promote damage to the shoes. Moreover, you can simply utilize this kit for widening the work and hiking boots. The stretcher stretches the boots within 8-hours. With the help of 3 pairs of bunion plugs, this tool offers ultimate pressure relieves.

You can also use this stretcher to relieve the pressure points around corns, bunions, and other points. Furthermore, the stretcher perfectly loosens the small areas of your boots. So, you can have a customized and comfortable fit for your boots. This equipment has a rust-resistant and easy to use metal handle.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Allows selecting from different sizes.
  •  Polished metal for long-lasting use.
  •  Relieves discomfort for superior performance.

3. Mens Boot Stretcher by Heartland America

3.Mens Boot Stretcher - Style Mens

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This pair of boot stretcher comes with the construction of natural wood with a smooth and polished surface. Therefore, these stretchers also promote damages to your boots. Moreover, the shoe repairing tool kit is suitable for widening the men’s boots from 7 to 12 sizes. With the help of sturdy metal handles, this repairing kit does the widening job with precision.

The stretchers also come along with 4 pieces of custom position plugs. Therefore, you can simply use this shoe repairing kit to relieve pressure around the bunions and corns. The boot stretchers help you to achieve cozy custom-fit for your boots. The handles do not corrode and extend the lifespan of this repairing kit. So, you can wear your pairs of shoes with no discomfort.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Metal handle and durable construction.
  •  Goes with different boot sizes.
  •  Relieves bunions and corns.

2. LANNEY Shoe Stretcher -Best Boot Stretchers

2.Shoe Stretcher Pair of 4-way Shoe Widener Expander Shoe Tree Shape for Wide Feet

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Suitable for different kinds of shoes, this pair of shoe stretchers are very much efficient in widening shoes. Derived from heavy-duty ABS plastic, these stretchers for shoes also come with a smooth surface. Therefore, the boot stretchers cause no damages to the shoes. Moreover, the equipment does not chip, crack, and break. The metal handle, shaft, and screws are resistant to rust and last for years.

These stretchers also come along with 3 heighten pads, 12 bunion plugs, and 1 shoehorn. Furthermore, by using this kit, you can widen shoes, raise vamp, stretch the length, and enlarge the bunion area. So, these stretchers are perfect to use on sneakers, flats, loafers, sandals, ankle boots, sports shoes, and more. You can use these shoes to alleviate the pressure points of the shoes.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Adjustable design for user convenience.
  •  Easy to use and solid construction.
  •  Compatible with all types of shoes.

1. FootFitter Boot Width Stretcher

1.FootFitter Premium Professional Boot Width Stretcher for Stretching HikingWork Boots


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Derived from beech wood, the boot stretcher makes the expansion of the width of the boots easier. So, the toe block of this equipment also effortlessly stretches the width of the boots. Moreover, this stretcher for boots works efficiently for both the left and right shoes. The widening handle comes with a simple twist-n-turn operation. Therefore, you can easily open or close the toe block by twisting the handle.

The metal spot stretching plugs of this stretcher also come with 3 different sizes of bunions, corns, and others. Therefore, these stretching plugs effortlessly relief the pressure points. Furthermore, the German-harvested beech wood toe block comes with a clean and polished finish. With the help of an extra-long shaft, this boot stretcher helps you to stretch the boots with exactness.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Long shaft for user comfort.
  •  High performance and easy to use.
  •  Lightweight design and durable construction.

Buying Guide For Boot Stretchers

Check the following factors when you opt to buy a boot stretcher.

Construction: You will have to consider the overall construction and then make your buy. It has to be durable enough and deliver superior performance. Look for the one that offers better flexibility and is made of industrial-grade materials. It must not break down easily and has to be resistant to rust.

Materials: The different materials of boot stretchers are wood, plastic, and metal. Wood allows you to have a traditional experience, and it is also very durable. When it comes to plastic, they are lightweight and come at an affordable value. Metal comes in a solid construction but can have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Easy to Use: Always get a boot stretcher that comes in an easy to use design. Look for the one that can stretch the shoes comfortably without making any effort. You will also have to see if it is safe to use as some of it can damage your boot.

Compatibility: This is an important consideration that you will have to see while buying a boot stretcher. See if it can go with boots of different sizes so that it offers value for money. Some of it can go with both men’s and women’s boots and have the ability to stretch boots of all brands.

Features: Look for the one that comes in an adjustable design so that you can use it according to your needs. It will also allow you to have easy storage, and you need to see if it has a lightweight structure.


You should not expect a boot stretcher to expand a boot size drastically. All it does is that it makes more room for a tight-fitting boot to have a snug fit. It is very useful when you have multiple boots to wear, and you wear them after a considerable gap. There are different types of boot stretchers available, and you should choose accordingly to your needs and preference.

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