Top 10 Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks in 2022

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There is no way to get up early in the morning without the help of an alarm clock for most people. The alarm clocks have come a long way as far as improvement goes. Now, there are Bluetooth alarm clocks available which you can operate with a smartphone.

You can set the tune of your choice, and some of them have inbuilt radio, projection lights, and various other useful features. Check out those top 10 best Bluetooth alarm clocks in 2022 below.

Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks – A Complete Guide:

10. Magnasonic Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Magnasonic Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This Bluetooth alarm clock with a smart time projection function allows you to see time during the night with ease. With an automatic dimming function, the clock also helps you to sleep peacefully at night.

Moreover, the device comes with a custom alarm recording function. So, you can save your own voice or our dear ones’ voice as an alarm tone. With the help of this multimedia device, the Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to play music wirelessly. Furthermore, this device works as a charging dock. So, with the help of a dual USB port, you can charge up to 2 devices. This sleek alarm clock looks classy.

Reasons To Buy

  • Customizable or recordable voice-alarm tone.
  • It comes with dual USB charging ports.
  • Auto-dimming light function.

9. Anymow Bluetooth Digital Alarm Clock


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This Bluetooth alarm clock comes with a contemporary mirror-style design. The device comes with a large display. So, you can clearly see the time, indoor temperature, and other contents. Moreover, with the help of a dimmable lighting function, this clock allows you to see the time clearly in the night. The dual-charging port of this clock allows faster and simultaneously charging up to 2 devices. You can also adjust the brightness of this LED screen up to 5 different levels.

Furthermore, with the help of 16-level sound adjustment, you can enjoy loud music any time by using this device. Therefore, the dual-alarm function allows you to set alarm programs individually for weekends and weekdays.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a wide range of sound levels.
  • It incorporates a dual-alarm function.
  • Shows time, date and indoor temperature.

8. Bluetooth Alarm Clock by MJDUO

MJDUO Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This digital clock with 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity lets you play music wirelessly from your smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The touch-sensitive night light function of this alarm clock also allows you to adjust the brightness up to 3-levels.

Moreover, you can stream content via different connection modes, like USB cable, AUX line-in, USB host, and TF card. You can also change the color of the cabinet and an LCD screen up to 48 different colors. Furthermore, with the help of inbuilt speakers, you can make hands-free and disturbance-free voice calls by using this device. The device with smart alarm function and sleep mode helps you to sleep hassle-freely every night.

Reasons To Buy

  • Supports multimedia streaming, different content.
  • Makes hands-free voice calls.
  • It comes with smart Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Bluetooth Alarm Clock by TIYOON


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This Bluetooth alarm clock comes along with special nigh mode. So, you can use it as a night lamp for your bedroom. The device also allows you to personalize the lightning time, brightness, and alarm volume accordingly.

Moreover, the eye-care warm light has 5 different lighting modes. So, your babies can sleep peacefully. The Bluetooth connectivity of this alarm clock also lets you play music wirelessly from different sources. Furthermore, this clock allows you to set the alarm time for 12-hours. The night mode keeps the clock silent from 10 pm to 7 am except the alarm function. So, you can have a safe-and-sound sleep at night.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with eye-soothing LED light modes.
  • Comes with 12-hours of alarm time function.
  • The user-friendly night mode.

6. SANAG Portable Stereo With Alarm Clock

Sanag Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This digital clock with dual-alarm function and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use it for serving multiple purposes. The clock also comes along with 2 inbuilt 6-watt drivers. So, you can wirelessly stream music from several sources, like tablets, smartphones, computers, and more.

Moreover, the Bluetooth alarm clock delivers high-quality surround-sound stereo output. The smart touch-sensitive panel of this clock also allows you to operate it with no difficulty. Furthermore, the LCD panel lets you see the time with precision. Therefore, you can connect this device wirelessly with your CD players, MP4, MP3 players, and more. You can adjust the brightness of the screen up to 3 different levels.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with premium-quality stereo speakers.
  • Consists of a touch-screen control panel.
  • Adjustable brightness for better visibility.

5. Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock by WamGra


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This Bluetooth alarm clock comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Therefore, this device lets you stream music unlimitedly and wirelessly from your smartphones or tablets. This digital clock also comes along with a touch-sensitive lamp. So, you can adjust the illumination process accordingly.

Moreover, this clock lets you choose the color of the light from 48 romantic dynamic colors. The Bluetooth inbuilt speaker of this clock is also able to produce ultra-clear sound. So, you can play high-quality audios from different sources, like FM radio, AUX line-in, USB flash drive, and micro-SD card. Furthermore, you can make and answer calls hands-freely by using this smart multimedia device.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes a touch-sensitive lamp.
  • It makes calling hands-free and easier.
  • Wide variety of color ranges.

4. Uplayteck Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Uplayteck Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This digital alarm clock comes with a wake-up kid alarm function. You can also use this clock as a bedtime lamp for kids and adults. Moreover, this Bluetooth alarm clock comes with a built-in 2000-mAh battery. So, you can play music wirelessly up to 10-hours. This clock has a maximum standby time of 160-hours. The night mode of this dimmable alarm clock also helps your babies or weary persons to fall asleep faster.

Furthermore, the large LCD screen lets you clearly see the time, even in the dark. You can change the brightness of the display and cabinet as per your wish. By simply knocking the clock, you can instantly illuminate your room.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes kid-friendly gradually wakeup function.
  • Knock to activate the instant illumination function.
  • It comes with long-lasting battery life.

3. iHome Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock


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This dual digital alarm clock comes along with an inbuilt speakerphone. So, you can answer or make calls by connecting this device with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Moreover, you can simply play content from your smartphone or tablet by connecting it via Bluetooth. The particular voice-powered music assistant application of this device allows you to control the functions with your voice commands.

The dual-alarm clock function of this Bluetooth alarm clock also lets you set weekdays and weekend alarm programs individually. Furthermore, you can effortlessly enjoy disturbance-free audio calls with the help of the speakerphone with voice-echo cancellation. You can play FM radio directly on this clock.

Reasons To Buy

  • Individually supports weekend, weekday alarm functions.
  • Speakers with voice-echo canceling function.
  • Streams music wired or wirelessly.

2. Alarm Clock Bluetooth by WamGra

WamGra Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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This Bluetooth alarm clock comes along with inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The touch-sensitive control panel also makes the operation hassle-free. Moreover, this clock works as a night light. So, you can dim the light accordingly.

Therefore, you can wirelessly play music from different sources, like smartphones, tablets, and more. You can also play contents from flash drive, micro-SD card, an AUX input cable. Furthermore, you can change the color of this digital clock up to 48 different shades. The inbuilt 4400-mAh Li battery is easy to power up by using a USB cable. This alarm clock delivers ultra-clear stereo sound output.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a powerful, rechargeable battery.
  • Transforms into an ideal night lamp.
  • It comes with wireless Bluetooth technology.

1. iHome Bluetooth Color-Changing Alarm Clock


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This Bluetooth alarm clock comes with a beautiful color-changing LED cabinet. The dual alarm clock also allows you to play music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, and other compatible devices. Moreover, you can even listen to your favorite radio programs at any time.

Therefore, you can change the color of the display up to 6 different colors. You can also wake up with your favorite alarm tone or even your favorite radio station. Furthermore, this clock lets you select the wake-up color modes accordingly. By simply pressing a button, this clock lets you change the color of the cabinet and display simultaneously.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a dual-alarm function.
  • It comes with wakeup color modes.
  • Color-changeable display and cabinet.

Buying Guide Choosing on Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Check out the main parameters to keep in mind for the buyers.

Alarm Features

  • Alarm Customization:

Most of the digitally-advanced alarm clock allows you to set two different alarms at once. While some of the upgraded models can program up to six different alarms simultaneously. Many of the support weekday-weekend alarm programs.

  • Snooze Button:

Unlike the traditional 10-minutes snooze function alarm clocks, the digitally-improvised models let customers customize the snooze time. Even, many models have a ‘gradual wakeup’ function. This function delivers gradually increasing alarm tone and rings louder until the users hit the snooze button.

Display Features

  • Visual Display:

The Bluetooth alarm clocks generally have LED or LCD screens. Some models only display the current time and alarm functions. But present-day models keep flashing the current room temperature. You can also keep track of the date. Many clocks let you change the color of the display and cabinet accordingly.

  • Time projector:

A few models include a projector, so you can project the time on ceiling or plain wall surfaces. So, you do not have to move to see the time.

Sound Features

  • Sleep music timer:

The models with a music playback function should come with a sleep timer. Therefore, it can allow the user to listen to music for a preset time.

  • Volume:

The volume preference of the alarm clock depends on man to man. So, the adjustable volume controlling the function of some clocks come with additional features, like vibrating alarm. A standard alarm clock should come with a decibel range from 60 to 110-dB or more.

  • Sound quality:

A good-quality alarm clock has stereo speakers. Therefore, the distortion-free level of volume for a speaker of a clock counts in Watt RMS. A basic clock comes with 7 to 12-Watt RMS. You should consider the frequency range and other parameters of sound quality before purchasing.


  • Automatic time sync:

The upgraded versions of the clock include the automatic time-sync option to support auto time detection for your region.

  • Power source:

An alarm clock has some power source options like USB-operated, AC power outlets, and battery options. Many models have dual power source compatibility, as well.

  • USB charging:

Most of the models have USB ports to charge several USB-enabled devices at once.


With a Bluetooth alarm clock, you can stream music from your smartphone through the speakers available in the clock. You can personalize the tunes, and you can listen to the radio in some of them. Some also have ports to charge your devices from the USB cable. Therefore, take your time out to go through the products minutely and choose the best one that can satisfy all your requirements.

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