Top 10 Best Barbie Houses in 2021 Reviews

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For kids, toys mean the best bundle of joy and they cannot resist themselves for playing with their favorite toys. Almost all children love dolls and Barbie has become the most preferred choice when it comes to dolls. The Barbie doll owns so many stories and incarnations so that she could prove a role model for your child. When you consider purchasing the Barbie toy for your kids then you also need to consider buying the Barbie houses.  These houses come in all sizes and they do not occupy much space around. Actually, the process of finding a little girls doll houses is difficult especially if you are a first-time buyers. When your kids play with dolls and dollhouses, they will attain a positive effect on their imagination and creativity.

Your kid will be able to invite their friends to collectively play with the dollhouse. Consequently, they will develop their social skills and learn team management too. With the numerous types and styles of dollhouses available on the market, it becomes tricky to purchase the suitable one. Therefore, go through the description of the best Barbie Houses below:

Our List of Top 10 Barbie Houses in 2021 reviews on Amazon:

10. Barbie Malibu Houses Playset:

Barbie Malibu House Playset

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When your child opens this beautiful dollhouse, he/she will be able to explore a play space that is more than 2 feet wide. This space comes with the indoor and outdoor storytelling elements to provoke several hours of play time.


  • In this Barbie Malibu House Playset, there are lots of stories to tell with 6 rooms, 2 floors, 25 accessories and the transformation elements.
  • Its structure allows kids to flip the wall inside the living room to transform it into an entertainment room.

9. Barbie Dreamhouse [Amazon Exclusive]:


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The Amazon Exclusive Barbie Dreamhouse makes kids move directly into the Barbie Dream house and explore plethora of possibilities. While playing with Barbie, lots of creativity is possible. Now different types of stories related to Barbie can be imagined with this house’s three floors, seven bedrooms, more than 70 accessories and a working elevator.


  • In this dreamhouse, there are several smart accessories that snap into a furniture piece. Moreover, these accessories assist to convey sound, lights and motion in a beautiful manner.
  • It is easy to flip open the flat screen within the living room to easily insert your own smartphone.

8. Barbie 3-Story Townhouse:

Barbie 3-Story Townhouse

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The best thing about this Barbie townhouse is it comes with three deluxe stories of play space. All these stories allow your kids to enjoy different types of storytelling fun. In addition, the first floor of this townhouse has kitchen and living room; the second floor has bathroom and bedroom and there is a closet upstairs for Barbie doll to suspend her fashions.


  • The entire townhouse appears lavish with the included four rooms and a rooftop lounge.
  • There is a smooth child-activated elevator allowing the player to travel flawlessly between floors.

7. Barbie Doll, House, Furniture and Accessories [Amazon Exclusive]:

Barbie Doll, House, Furniture and Accessories

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Recognized as a portable Barbie dollhouse, it can be easily unfolded to expose doll’s 2+ feet of indoor and outdoor storytelling enjoyment. This play set comes with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor pool. Obviously, it comes with a Barbie doll in an adorable floral dress and matching shoes.


  • To create a splash effect, the pool can be filled with water. It is alluring to watch Barbie doll swimming under the colorful patio lights.
  • For enjoying indoor or outdoor dining, the two chairs can be pulled up to the island bar.

6. Barbie 2-Story House with Furniture & Accessories

Barbie 2-Story House

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This Barbie 2-story house is made adorable, modern and capable to hold fun surprises. Moreover, this Barbie house can be easily unfolded to reveal a two-story home with several play spaces.


  • ​In this 2-story Barbie house, there is a kitchen with a sink. In addition, there is a stovetop and a bathroom with a toilet and showerhead.
  • The included bed can be flipped over to showcase a spa on the second floor.

5. Barbie Houses, Glam Getaway [Amazon Exclusive]

Barbie Glam Getaway House

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The glam gateway house features a beautifully designed Barbie house with lots of features. In this Getaway house, there is a latch and carrying handle to make it perfect for use on-the-go. Your little girls will adore playing out wonderful stories inside this glam home. In this house, certain pieces are plug & play for hassle-free clean-up. Also, some of the pieces can conveniently fit inside the toy box.


  • Kids will be able to easily open and unfold in order to depict an adorable kitchenette, beautiful bedroom and a luxurious bathroom.
  • The pack includes colorful accessories capable to engage the little girls to improve their decorating skills.
  • There will be no hassles to arrange and rearrange the furniture and accessories.

4. Barbie Houses Playset, Multi-color

Barbie House, Furniture & Accessories

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The colorful and portable Barbie dollhouse allows you kids to engage in several hours of fun. It can be quickly unfolded to reveal 2+ feet of indoor as well as outdoor storytelling fun. Basically, this one-story play set shows a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor pool.


  • It is easy to fill the pool with water to create a splashing effect. So, the Barbie will create an amusing environment while they swim under the multicolored patio lights.
  • Kids will be able to effortlessly pull the two chairs up to the island bar so to enjoy indoor or outdoor dining.
  • The included bed can be folded down in the bedroom and so they can enjoy sweet dreams in the imaginary blanket and pillow.

3. Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Castle

Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Castle

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Prepared in a lavish, wonderful castle design, this Barbie Dreamtopia is inspired by the magic of Dreamtopia’s Sweetville kingdom. This luxurious play set possesses bright colors and signature details on every angle, window and turret. Kids will love to discover the supernatural, imaginativeworld of Barbie Dreamtopia.


  • In this dreamy castle, there are two stories and eight separate play spaces to provoke all types of storytelling.
  • It will be easy and quick to travel between floors using the multicolored spiraling steps or the elevator. This elevator will effortlessly swirl the dolls up and down.
  • In this castle, the second-floor bedroom comes with a magnificent princess bed with blankets, closet with hangar, vanity, curtains, and storage nook.

2. Barbie Houses, Barbie Club Chelsea Treehouse Playset

Barbie Club Chelsea Treehouse

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It will be great fun to see your kids playing with the Chelsea doll, her cute puppy and their treehouse play set. The mentioned play set provides 5 fun zones. In these zones, the two besties will be able to play dress up, stargaze, eat cupcakes, slide and swing. The included Chelsea doll possesses a fun look with a multicolored decal on her white body. Also, there is a detachable blue skirt with beautiful polka dots and pink shoes.


  • Children will be able to play from different angles because the treehouse sides open and close to extend play.
  • In this treehouse, the front door opens and closes; also, there is a pink ladder that can be moved from the front door to the interior.
  • The interior has a room possessing a slide that flips down and another slide possesses a window that holds a shiny telescope for stargazing.

1. Barbie Club Chelsea Clubhouse

Barbie Club Chelsea Clubhouse

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It will be supreme joy for kids to play with the Chelsea doll, her play house and her teddy bear.  Kids can place the Chelsea doll over the platform and her teddy bear in the basket. While your carries the doll up, the included basket will hold teddy bear going down.


  • Its structure has two stories with a kitchen and ample of play space.
  • There is a front door and the doors on the kitchen appliances.

Concluding Note:

Parents will feel pleasant when they see their kids engaged in the play with these beautiful Barbie houses. These magnificent houses let your little one hone its imaginative power.

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