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Best Asus Laptop Chargers in 2019 Reviews

There will be those times when your charger malfunctions or is misplaced. Those and other situations are not a problem anymore. Not with one of the top 20 best Asus laptop chargers in 2019 around.

These devices make sure you can power your laptop in just about any location you are at. Plus, they work at night to make sure you can stay in contact when the sun goes down.

Pick up a spare just in case and make sure your laptop does not run out of power at the wrong time.

Our Asus Laptop Charger Best Buy Review On Amazon.Com

20. LHYSFIY AMLINKER Asus Laptop Chargers Replacement

 AMLINKER 65W 19V 3.42A Asus Laptop Charger

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With over a dozen laptops this charger can work with you should not be out of power anytime soon. Its compatibility and 19 volt capability make it a useful replacement or a good back up charger.

Plus, This Asus laptop charger replacement works with either 110 or 22o electrical outlets. The dual voltage makes sure you are powered up no matter which country you are in. Just check the parts or model number to find which laptop it works best with. It only uses 65 watts as well.

19. Nicpower AC Charger Adapter for Asus Zenbook

 UL Listed AC Charger Adapter for Asus Zenbook

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What would a laptop be without power? Just another useless item cluttering up your room. That is why this top quality Asus charger is so important. It makes sure your Asus Zenbook does not become useless.

It provides 65 watts of power through 100 to 240 volts for up to 7 different Zenbook models. This replacement charger is small enough to hide away in a tiny corner of your laptop bag until it is needed. Having back-ups is a smart move to make.

18. Lap Pow Laptop Charger Slim AC Adapter for Asus

 Laptop Charger 45W 19V 2.37A Slim AC Adapter

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The unique feature of this replacement laptop charger is its folding prongs. You can open it up when you need it or save on storage space by closing the prongs and putting the adapter away.

With 45 watt capability, you can power up to 20 Q series Asus laptops with ease. The cord should wrap around the adapter and stay out of your way. This adapter also travels well due to its compact size. Just slip it away in a pocket and forget about it.

17. Dexpt Laptop Notebook Charger For Asus Laptop

 7.5ft Extra Long Laptop Notebook Charger

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There will be those times where you cannot get close to an electrical outlet. This extra long power cord helps solve that problem for you. Its 7 1/2 foot length gives you the room you need to stay connected.

Also, the prongs fold out to make sure they do not tear any fabric when not plugged in. This laptop charger has over 30 compatible devices it can work with and provides 65 watts through 100 to 240 volts at any given time.

16. Elecbrain DC Charger Adapter Cable for Asus Eeebook

 19V 1.75A New AC Wall Power Supply DC Charger Adapter Cable

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This unique charger works with the vivobook e & f series, the ebook x series, and the chrome back c & p series laptops. Select models only of course. Its wide compatibility range makes it a handy back up or replacement charger.

In addition to that, you get a fold-out prong system that makes storage simple and easy to do. Once plugged into a 100 to 240-volt power supply the charger uses only 33 watts to power your laptop.

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15. Jeestam Asus Laptop Chargers

 65W AC Adapter Charger

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Never be without power. All you need to do is have this Asus X series compatible charger in your bag when you forget your regular unit. Its 65-watt capability should have the power flowing smoothly for you.

After unwrapping it from its package, you can plug it into 100 to 240 power sources with ease. Just remember to fold open the prongs before you try to do that. Read the owner’s manual to find out the complete list of compatible devices you can use this charger with.

14. Easy Style AC Charger for Asus

 AC Charger for Asus

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Your R, S & V series Asus is in for a treat. You can have a great back up charger when your current one breaks down, malfunctions or is misplaced. The instructions should have the specific devices you can use this charger.

Plus, you get 19 volts through this 100 to the 240-volt device. You will need a three-prong outlet to make it work. Just make sure both ends of the charger are plugged in for the best results.

13. Easy Style Charger for ASUS

 90W 19V AC Charger for ASUS

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The low profile on this charger design takes up little room in your home, laptop bag and other places you need to put this device. It’s small yet effective as it brings 90 watts and 19 volts through 100 to 240-volt ability.

If you own an Asus Q series laptop then you are in luck. This small charger handles those models and makes sure they stay powered up at all times. Its a simple to use the charger that packs away with ease.

12. Lap Pow Laptop Power Supply Asus Laptop Chargers

Laptop Power Supply 45W Notebook Charger

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All laptops are not made the same. That is why there are a variety of laptop chargers on the market to help you stay connected to friends and loved ones. This charger works with the Asus UX and X series of laptops, as well as a few other models.

Once you get it connected you get between 33 and 45 watts and 19 volts of the power kicking your computer into top gear. The fold-out prongs make storage easy and plugging into a 2 prong outlet not that difficult.

11. Tinkon Laptop Charger for Asus

 65W Laptop Charger for Asus

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2 cords supply the power to your laptop. The one side of the charger connects to your computer while the other side needs a 3 prong outlet to draw the power. After you get that setup, charging your Asus X series laptop should be a piece of cake.

With its 100 to 240 and 65-watt ability, your Asus should charge up nice and fast. You won’t be off the internet for long when you turn to this device for power help.

10. Jeestam AC Laptop Adapter Charger for Asus

 90W AC Laptop Adapter Charger

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Asus does not make just one model of laptops. They make a variety of them and sooner or later one of them will lose their connection to their power source. When that happens you need this simple laptop charger to reconnect the power.

This 100 to 240 volt, 90-watt charger handles that duty and works with 65 and 75-watt sources. Then it starts with the X series, goes to the Q, then the D, F, K, and more laptop models.

9. PowerSource AC-Adapter-Charger for Asus

 PowerSource 45W 33W UL Listed 7Ft Long Wall Plug AC

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When you want power you want it fast. This Asus charger comes with a 7-foot cord to make sure that power delivery goes quickly and smoothly. Plus, it is compatible with a variety of X series laptop models.

On top of that, you get 45 and 33-watt options making sure you are not without power at any given moment. Just make sure you have connector compatibility before you buy it. When not in use, it stores away in small pockets till called upon.

8. Superer AC Asus Laptop Chargers

 UL Listed 7.5Ft Long AC Charger for Asus

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Get connected to power once again. This Asus replacement charger works with a variety of models so you can have continuous power supply when you need it. Your Chromebook C series laptop will be grateful you did.

On top of that, you have 24 watts at your disposal. You can use just about any 100 to 240 outlet to draw that power. Your internetwork is important so make sure you have this powerful backup charger on hand when your primary one fails.

7. Tinkon 65W AC Laptop Adapter Charger

 Tinkon 65W AC Laptop Adapter Charger Power Supply

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Flip-up electrical prongs come in handy. They stay out of the way so when you need to power up, there are no tangles to undo first. Get the power you need fast by using this backup charger.

This 65-watt charger is good for Asus X series laptops and brings you the power when you need it most. Stay powered up by having this top replacement device on hand when you can’t find your regular charger.

6. Belker 65w Universal Asus Laptop Chargers

 Belker 65w Universal Laptop Charger Ac Power Adapter-Asus Laptop Chargers

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The power source and adapters are basically the same. The key to a good and fast charging is having the right connectors to fit your laptop. This asus universal laptop charger comes with 16 connection heads to make sure your laptop stays powered.

That means you can connect to a variety of Asus laptops with ease. Its 6-foot cord brings your computer about 65 watts at a time to make sure its energy needs are met. It’s good to have multiple connectors on hand.

5. Reparo 65w Ac Laptop Adapter Charger for Asus

 Reparo 65w Ac Laptop Adapter Charger-Asus Laptop Chargers

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Before you buy, always check the compatibility list in your owner’s manual. You do not want to waste time and money buying the wrong charger. This 3 pronged device fits a variety of Asus laptops from X to Q and more.

After you check the list and make your purchase, this 65-watt charger handles the recharging process. It does not work with 90-watt sources. Everything you need to power your laptop is included in the box.

4. Sle tech Laptop Ac Charger for Asus

 Laptop Ac Adapter Charger Battery Power Cord Supply-Asus Laptop Chargers

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When you make the right connections your life goes a lot easier. Using this Asus replacement charger is helping you make the right connections. That is if you use the Asus X series computers.

After you get the connection your computer receives 65 watts and can handle 19 volts sent it’s way. The charger is easy to use and even a child can plug it in and get the right connections. That is what you want when you need power quickly and smoothly.

3. Pwr Laptop AC Adapter Charger for Asus Notebook

 Pwr Laptop AC Adapter Charger-Asus Laptop Chargers

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Powering your Asus laptop is just simply connecting the dots. Plug the cords in the right spot and all the dots are connected for your laptop to work as it should. The compatibility list is far too long to put here so that means you are in luck.

Your Asus laptop has a new charger to keep it functioning properly. The standard 100 to the 240-volt system is here as well. Once all the dots are connected, you get 65 watts to use.

2. Belkar Universal Ac Laptop Charger

 90w Universal Ac Laptop Charger Power Adapter-Asus Laptop Chargers

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Universal fits take the stress out of finding power for your Asus laptop. This universal charger has about 16 connectors to make sure your laptop runs smoothly and is not deprived of any energy.

Once you select the right connection head, you are good to go. It works with 40 to 90-watt power sources to make sure you have the compatibility you need to recharge the battery on your Asus computer. It’s easy as taking candy from a bay to get power to your Asus laptop.

1. ZOZO 90W AC Universal Laptop Charger

 ZOZO 90W AC Universal Laptop Charger-Asus Laptop Chargers

  Get it now on Amazon.com

Here is another universal laptop charger that comes with 16 connection options to power your Asus computer. Just make the right selection and you will be back on the internet in no time.

With it’s up to 90-watt ability, you should be surfing the net in minutes, if not seconds. All you have to do is match the right connector with your laptop’s input jack and you are on your way. Standard 100 to 240 volts are built into this charger as well.

Some final words

Getting the power to your Asus laptop is going to be easier than making a decision at a 32 flavor ice cream shop. The top 20 best Asus laptop chargers in 2019 see to that dilemma.

When you need power and you need it fast you go with the best replacement chargers around. After you do that, you should have continuous power for along time to come. Just don’t lose this one to keep this situation from happening again.

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