10 Best 3 Shelf Utility Carts in 2022 – Buying Guides

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Greetings to everyone who is struggling in finding ways to organize your rooms and houses. This article is for you if you are having that problem. Houses, office buildings, hair salons, and restaurants can be sometimes too stuffed up and unorganized. That is the reason why we need an organizer to store our necessities. Thus, we are introducing you to a product called “Utility Cart”, the Best 3 Shelf Utility Carts, which is one of the best organizers in the century.

A utility cart is ideal for all types of usage, even the cleaners, dishwashers and waiters in some restaurants could also use this as a cart in moving the foods since they come with wheels. It is compact with few layers for you to store something that is essential and it has excellent portability as well. This article will show you the 10 best 3 shelf utility carts with their special features.

List of the Best 3 Shelf Utility Carts

10. 3 Shelf Utility Cart Supports up to 400 lbs by Stand Steady

3 Shelf Utility Cart by Stand Steady
  Get it now on Amazon.com Looking for high-quality utility carts for daily usage in storing all of the necessities? Not to worry, Stand Steady is here for you. This model comes with a simple but timeless design, great for those who are seeking for just a normal 3 shelves cart to use.

It is sturdy and stable, which is made out of durable PVC along with deep shelves and polyethylene padded on each layer that allows you to store many products in one cart.

Moreover, there are 4 swiveling wheels provided for this guy to ensure the mobility and locks on wheels to secure the cart from moving. Not to mention that the design of the handle is ergonomic as they have got holes for the users to sneak their fingers in for a more secure grip.

9. Tub Storage Cart 3 Shelves by Luxor

Tub Storage Cart 3 Shelves by Luxor
  Get it now on Amazon.com We recommend this model to you if you’ve been seeking for 3 layers carts that are easy to assemble within a few minutes only. Similar to the previous product, it comes with the exact same design, except it comes in another extra color for you to choose, silver and black.

Not to mention that it is great for storing cleaning supplies, painting accessories, etc, which they are made out of high-quality plastic that doesn’t scratch and they are stable too. Just like the previous one, it comes with 4 caster wheels and 2 locks to secure the carts as well.

8. Heavy Duty 3 Shelf Rolling Utility by Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Heavy Duty 3 Shelf Rolling Utility
  Get it now on Amazon.com We highly recommend this model as an ideal utility cart for especially in the restaurants and clothing stores, which are seemingly perfect for these types of usage. Rubbermaid FG342488BLA doesn’t come with a deeper one like most of the shelves, this comes in a form of trays, which the body of this guy is made out of aluminum frame and plastic as a tray.

Moreover, the wheels are sturdy and easy to move since they are strong and smooth sliding with locks included that could role on any type of surface. It comes in 4 colors for you to choose; black, white, gray and red.

7. AmazonBasics Service Cart

AmazonBasics Service Cart
  Get it now on Amazon.com This model might the greatest pick for your ideal cart to use at your home, or business since the structure of this cart is light and easy to move with the swiveling and sturdy wheels to move it from one place to another.

Moreover, there are 2 handles on both sides for the users to move it to anywhere you want to. On top of that, the trays are strong and they are made out of durable plastic and a one-year warranty is provided for you as well.

6. 3 Shelves Structural Foam Plastic Storage Utility Cart by Luxor

3 Shelves Structural Foam Plastic Storage Utility Cart
  Get it now on Amazon.com This is a great option for you to place it, especially in the marts, mini stores, garage or even at the repair shop. The frame of this utility cart is made out of aluminum just like the previous one and the shelves aren’t coming to any deep shelves, it looks absolutely like a flat tray.

Moreover, the shelves are durable and the wheels are sturdy and smooth to roll it anywhere you want to. On top of that, there 2 grips for the users to use to easily push the carts towards.

5. 3 Shelf Stainless Steel Utility Cart by Carlisle

3 Shelf Stainless Steel Utility Cart by Carlisle
  Get it now on Amazon.com We recommend this 3 shelves utility cart as one of your necessary needs in your business, especially in restaurants, wholesale malls, and steel construction stores, since the design of guy is really sturdy and durable due to its high-quality material.

Carlisle UC3031524 provides customers with a full-body material that is made out of Inox, which is stain free attach with the swiveling wheels for moving easily to anywhere you want to.

Moreover, it comes in 3 sizes for you to choose based on the use of it; small, medium and large size. Not to mention that there is a handle attaches with the cart for the users to push the cart towards easily.

4. Utility Rolling Cart 3 Tier with Wheels by Pearington

Utility Rolling Cart Pearington
  Get it now on Amazon.com This brand attracts the hearts of the users who are seeking a durable polypropylene on both body and frame attach with the black/white cloudy color, that looks dope and classic at the same time. Pearington is great for any type of usage since the design is great and sturdy as it seems with strong materials.

In addition, the handling grips come in 2 holes for the users to sneak each of their hands into them, along with a mini pocket in middle. On top of that, this guy comes with 4 easy-rolling caster wheels and brakes for extra safety.

3. 3 Shelves Stainless Steel by Lakeside Manufacturing

3 Shelves Stainless Steel
  Get it now on Amazon.com Lakesides 44 provides customers with a sleek and thin but sturdy look, for many purposes of usage. This model is great especially for using the restaurants, hospitals, and convenience stores.

Moving on to the main made material of this guy, it is made out of Inox, which stands for durability and easy cleaning by just using the paper wipes and you’re ready on the go.

Lakeside 444 is equipped with sturdy and easy-rolling wheels for the users to use freely and this is also made to cancel the noise and vibrations during the rolling as well.

2. Collapsible Service Cart by Olympia Tools

2. Olympia Tools 85-188:
  Get it now on Amazon.com This is the perfect pick if you’ve been looking for an ergonomic 3 shelves cart to place, especially in your garden, garage, clothing store, or even storing all of the cleaning supplies. Olympia Tools 85-188 comes with a steel frame and plastic trays that are durable and strong as they can hold the products up to 500lbs.

Moreover, the wheels are easy to move towards on any surface and it comes with locks to secure too. The most interesting feature about this guy is that this model is foldable. Thus, it implies perfectly for those who are looking for temporary storage as well.

1. Heavy Duty Plastic Utility Cart by Sandusky

Heavy-Duty Plastic Utility Cart
  Get it now on Amazon.com Coming off to the very last product of the review is the cart that is made by Sandusky Lee that comes in 6 sizes for you to choose base on the capacity you want to store your products on this.

It is made out of high-quality and thick plastic that ensures durability and stability, attaches with various holes on the handle to store small parts, great for cleaning supplies and restaurant usage.

The 4 caster wheels are durable and strong that is heavy duty and enduring to heavyweights. It is easy to assemble by just following the instructions.

Buying Guide

Up next, this paragraph below is an extra tip for you to be more decisive in picking your desired utility cart for specific users based on a few points.


It is essential to seek for the right size to suit your space in-store, it can be either medium, big or small, the choice is yours.

Construction of the Design

It is a good idea to find the ones with the Inox, aluminum, or stainless-steel design as the frame to ensure the durability and sturdiness. The layers can be either plastic, thick fabric, or steel, based on the purpose of using it.


It is primary to consider about caster wheels on each side of the carts for extra mobility. It is optional to find the ones with locks to ensure that the cart is staying in one place if you aren’t moving it anywhere.


It is also a great idea to find the ones with compact and easy handling bars to grab and move it to anywhere you want to.


This comes to nearly an end of our article which is the review of 3 shelf utility carts to store all of the necessities. They are ideally great for those who are running out of storage to store or wanting to move products from one place to another with the sturdy and portable wheels. 3 Shelf Utility Carts is one of the smartest ways in settling and organize your stuff, I’m sure that getting one of the products above won’t be a disappointment.

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