Top 10 Best Baby Balance Bikes in 2022 Reviews

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Making the baby learn standing and walking is tough for every parent. Their body is so delicate that they easily fall often. In recent times, there are lots of toys and baby products designed to help your baby maintain a proper balance. One of the best baby products is the baby balance bike. It is a small children’s bike without any cranks or pedals. Generally, the baby balance bikes are lighter than tiny wheeled children’s bikes.

The babies can easily push the bike along with their feet. Once they feel confident, you can teach them to push and glide. Also, the suitable age for riding a balance bike is around 18 months to 2 years old. These bikes are alternatively referred to as glider bikes, strider bikes, run bikes, runner bikes, and pedal-less bikes. Get to know more about the best baby balance bikes by reading the article below:

Our List of Top 10 Baby Balance Bikes on Amazon Review:

10. YGJT Baby Balance Bicycle for 10-36 Months old

 YGJT Baby Balance Bikes

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This model of YGJT baby balance bike is suitable for babies in the age group of 10-36 months old. It does not come with pedals and possesses fully enclosed wheels. Also, this kind of structure would prevent injury to your baby’s feet. The 135-degree rotation makes sure the baby does not fall off.

While riding on this bicycle, your little one can easily learn how to ride, move forward and backward. Quickly, your baby can gain confidence and stay happy throughout the ride. Additionally, the included English manual removes your confusion if any.


  • The carbon steel frame structure provides high stability and durability.
  • The built-in wheel and handlebar are made up of eco-friendly EVA material.
  • Within 1-2 minutes, you can set up easily.

9. allobebe Baby Balance Bike, Cute Toddler Bikes

allobebe Baby Balance Bike

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Suitable for babies up to 36 months old, this balance bike lets your little one learn how to stand, walk and run. It comes with an adjustable seat that offers a comfortable seating arrangement. In addition, the 3 soft wheels glide smoothly and quietly. This allobebe balance bike is stylishly designed in cute patterns and boasts an attractive appearance. While riding on this balance bike, your little one can improve their active motor skills and mobility.


  • It only weighs 3.85 lb, so it is lightweight to carry along.
  • For this bike, you can easily adjust the height floor to the seat in a range from 10.2-11 inches.

8. Baby Balance Bicycle – Baby Bicycle for 6-24 Months

Baby Balance Bike - Baby Bicycle

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What makes this baby balance bike famous is it is an excellent first bike or first birthday gift for your little one. It is sturdily built and ensures great stability. This infant bike is the finest baby riding toy for a 1-year old baby. Moreover, it creates a smooth riding experience for babies and young toddlers. It is uniquely prepared in a modular design and usually comes assembled.


  • It is easy to assemble; no need for tools.
  • The structure of this balance bike shows a combination of height designed seat and a sturdy lightweight frame.

7. Baby Balance Bicycle for 1-2 Year Old Girl/Boy

Best Cycling Toy Gifts

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Suitable for baby boy and baby girl, this balance bike serves as the best gift idea for 1-2-year-old babies. It lets them learn how to walk.  This baby toy is also a perfect gift idea for a children on their first birthday. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble, without needing extra tools.


  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Kids can ride the balance bicycle on carpet and wood floor due to the soft tires.
  • The wheels are made up of EVA which is sturdy enough for indoor and outdoor use.

6. BEKILOLE Baby Balance Bikes -for 12-24 Months

Baby Bicycle for 12-24 Months

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Found suitable for babies in the age group of 12 months to 24 months, this balance bike is sturdily built. It serves as a perfect gift idea for baby birthdays. Also, it helps babies and toddlers to build confidence, balance, and coordination. It is uniquely designed with a low step-through frame. This kind of design makes it easy to ride.


  • This BEKILOLE baby balance bike body is constructed from superior quality sturdy carbon steel.
  • You can easily move it with the help of a soft non-slip EVA handlebar.
  • The cushioned seat provides a comfortable seating experience.

5. EnterSports Baby Balance Bikes – Baby Bicycle for 10-24 Months

EnterSports Baby

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The present model of the push bike from EnetrSports is suitable for babies 10-24 months old. Moreover, it perfectly works as a pre-balance bike for babies and young toddlers. When the children reaches their first birthday, this balance bike is the best birthday gift.


  • It is easy to assemble without requiring additional tools.
  • Implemented modular design only requires 10 seconds to assemble.
  • The structure of this balance bike is very sturdy and provides a comfortable riding experience.

4. XIAPIA Balance Bikes Toddler Tricycle

 XIAPIA Baby Balance Bike Toddler

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Recommended for 10-24 months old baby, this no pedals type tricycle provides great stability to your little one while riding. It comes with a fully enclosed wheel and prevents any injury to your baby’s feet. With this adorable bike, children will learn how to ride, move forward and backward. Also, it is an excellent toy choice for indoor and outdoor. In addition, you will spend only about 1-2 minutes to complete the set up process.


  • The carbon steel frame provides great stability and durability to this tricycle.
  • Its wheels and handlebar are prepared from eco-friendly EVA material.
  • It comes with 135-degree turning to make sure the baby does not fall off.

3. beiens Balance Bikes for 9 Months – 24 Months Boys Girl

 beiens Baby Balance Bikes,

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When you intend to present a stable and comfortable riding toy to your baby then you can consider this beienes bike. It is an excellent baby toy for 9-24 months old baby. Moreover, your little one will be able to learn how to walk while riding on this balance bike. The baby would use legs to push against the ground and move forward.


  • This baby mini balance comes with circular, comfortable, and non-slip hand grips to provide excellent control.
  • It helps kids to develop balance, coordination, steering control and gain confidence.

2. Yvolution Y Velo Twista Balance Bikes

 Yvolution Y Velo Twista Baby

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The aforementioned Y Velo Twista baby balance bike is perfect for learning how to walk and ride for babies. What makes it unique is it can grow with your kid and help them boost confidence. Additionally, the adjustable wheels provide great sliding experience.


  • It enables you to vary the width between the two rear wheels.
  • Once your child has learned motor skills, you can easily switch it from training mode to balance bike mode.

1. Chillafish Bunzi: 2-in-1 Gradual Balance Bike & Tricycle

Chillafish Bunzi: 2-in-1

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This 2-in-1 balance bike is exceptionally designed to help babies learn how to walk and maintain balance.  In a fun way, you can let your baby learn how to stay stable while riding. In addition, it can be easily switched from a 3-wheel mode to a 2-wheel mode within a few seconds. The included seat grows with your child. Its design is beautiful with the adorable bunny-style handlebars.


  • This baby tricycle is built from superior quality, lightweight ABS material. So, it is easy to carry around.
  • It comes with a hidden storage box inside the seat. In addition, this allows you to pack toys and snacks inside.
  • The anti-skid synthetic rubber tires glide smoothly and quietly.

Concluding Note:

These baby balance bikes are carefully adapted to outfit babies’ small hands and bodies. Gradually, you will love to see them gradually learning how to walk, ride and maintain balance.

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