About Us

Alphatoplist is a product recommendation platform that helps connects people with the best products for them. We aim to have users suggest, nitpick, rank devices and items to help other people make a decision. We believe in the importance of user reviews. With so many online shopping options, a strong or weak product review can have a huge impact on whether or not a purchase is made. You shouldn’t have to waste time and money to find solutions to your problems. By collecting the knowledge of enthusiasts across the world through recommendations, we can quickly and confidently show people the truth about a product.

Alphatoplist is built on three core philosophies. The first of which is that you should be able to make the same decisions an expert would for any purchase, and it allows for that. The second is that information should be organized around a problem, not a product. You don’t just need the best gadgets; you need the best gadgets for your needs. What are you really looking for? That’s what we want to help you find the best products for you. We believe in the power of the community. You use products, feel things about them, and see them in the context of your life. Writers push out reviews before they can take in that context. Advertisements reframe feelings to create sales. But Alphatoplist users will only tell you what they know to be true. That’s what Alphatoplist is.

At its core, Alphatoplist is a place where people control the marketplace. We dream of a world where products succeed or fail on their own merits, and allowing people the space to share their thoughts is the first step in achieving that.